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By 06.26.12

This woman chose to celebrate the happiest day of her life by making it the most miserable for everyone else when she belted out Christina Aguilera’s “The Right Man” while walking herself down the aisle.

You think watching this is uncomfortable and awkward? Imagine how the groom feels. What do you even do in that situation? Sure you could close your eyes and pray that it would just end, but then you’d realize that the end is when you’ll be married to this crazy person. You could walk out, but she’s singing about how men have always walked out on her and there’s no way at least 14 people aren’t video taping this catastrophe. You’re stuck; it’s the ultimate catch 22. Bridezilla Aguilera just busted out the ultimate power move on day 0 of this marriage and showed everyone in the room that she calls the shots. And also that she’s mentally unstable.

About Katie Nolan... Katie Nolan is a content producer for Guyism and the co-founder of Bitches Can’t Hang. Her other talents include: teaching the less fortunate to dougie, alienating people with her inappropriate sarcasm, and getting physically removed from New York sporting events for “inciting a riot.”
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