A College Girl’s Perspective on Dancing with a Guy

As the poetic masterminds the Baha Men once said, “A doggy is nothing if he don’t have a bone." So what’s the quickest way to

College Bro Has a Genius Method for Picking Up More Chicks

About 97.2% of all college bros in this world choose our school for one reason: the chicks.

This Guy Went Insane With His Workout Statuses on Facebook

"I feel the POWER w within me. My core is shred and my the delts are the tops."

High School Kids: These Are the Thoughts You Have On A College Tour

Yo, how have those kids who give college tours walk backwards all the time? Seriously, they are like cats.

Sorority Girl Writes New Most Insane Sorority E-mail Ever, Tells Sisters to ‘Have Sex With As Many Boys As You Can’

I can't even. Literally dying.

University Of Arizona Pool Party Season Just Might Be the Greatest Thing Ever

Woah. Fathers... Be very worried if your daughters go to the University of Arizona.

MAP: Which College In Each State Has the Highest Graduation Rates?

These are the schools you won't drop out of.

The 8 Things You Really Learn Your Freshman and Sophomore Years of College

The first few years of college really can be just a huge drunken blur. College has not truly kicked it just yet and you took

Employers Are Hiring College Students With These Majors in 2014

HA HA! Business!

Why Weed Is So Important to College

A wonderful little dried flower can help you make friends, listen to better music and get laid.

Read the Terrible Alleged Leaked Texts and E-mails from Frat Guys At American University

Another day, another scandal at a college after a fraternity's awful electronic communication via e-mail and text messages were "leaked" on an anonymous Tumblr page.

Bloomsburg Block Party 2014 Recap Shows You How TURNT-UP RATCHET Pennsylvania State Schools Get

Today our noble quest to find the most ratchet, TURNT UP college party in the nation turns to Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.

Ladies: Get At This Earthbending GWU Bro Who Can Do Magical Things With His Hands

This picture of a Bro proving that earthbenders are real blew up on Reddit over the weekend.

College Bro Loses in Arm Wrestling Against His 70-Year-Old Professor

That's gotta sting.

University of Florida Girl Has a “Royals” Parody, And You’re Probably Going to Want to Sit Down for This

Oh. Wow.

Ohio University Threw Another Ratchet Party Called #FEST, Still BroBible’s Favorite Party School In the Country

First it was the Palmerfest pre-game video. Then it was High Fest. Now it's #FEST. Ohio University.... BroBible loves you and your FESTS so fucking

Teen with Down Syndrome Celebrates Like a Badass After Getting Accepted to College

Noah VanVooren is an 18-year-old with Down Syndrome who has constantly exceeded expectations.

Guess How Many Times They Say ‘Turn Up!!!!!!!’ In This Spring Break Video from Mexico?

See that face? That's the face of a Bro who's screamed "TURRRRNNNN UPPPPPP!!!!" about twenty times in a five minute interval.

Pi Kappa Phi Bro Delivers the Most Cliché Flag Football Pre-Game Speech You’ll Ever Hear

Recreational sports. It's life or death out there.

The 4 Best Places to Go to the Bathroom on Your College Campus (and the 2 Worst)

BroBible recently brought you the story of a writer who found himself in a rather shitty situation, in that he shit himself.

Bikinis and Beer EVERYWHERE in University of Arizona Pike Pool Party

A few friends of BroBible (check the 0:48-second mark) at the University of Arizona's PIKE chapter recently threw an absolute banger of a pool party.

Baylor Frat Party Video Shows That Baptist Bros Get TURNT and Rage Their Faces Off Too

Very confused by this video of a frat party at Baylor University. See, I know absolutely nothing about Baylor other [...]

Colorado State Riots After SWAT Team Breaks Up Saturday Night Party

Two students threw a registered block party 100 feet from campus, and among the unexpected guests was a Fort Collins SWAT team.

What is the Best Fictional Movie College of All Time? VOTE NOW!

You know them. You are fond of them. You've day-dreamed about what it would be like to attend them and party with the main characters.

Watch the Girls of KKG at DePauw Get Down in Their Derby Days Dance Routine

Sorority girls doing choreographed routines will always be posted to BroBible.

Union College Student Gets Pepper Sprayed by Cop While Celebrating Hockey Championship, Cleans Eyes Out Like Total Bro

Beer: solving all of life's problems since forever.

Is This the Best Beer Pong Dunk of All Time?

Flawless beer pong dunk here. Excellent ups, perfect form, incredible follow-through.

The 50 Most Underrated College in Each State

Earlier this week our friends at Business Insider published a breakdown of the 50 most underrated colleges in the United States.

What the Hell Should I Do With My Futon and Mini-Fridge After College?

The sobering reality sets in even though I’m still a little buzzed. “Today is the day,” I think, somberly comprehending my inescapable fate.

UMD Students Celebrated Spring Break in Puerto Vallarta and They Celebrated the Shit Out of It

Every time one of these videos comes through I have two thoughts.