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USB Microlight means you can finally plug in your phone in the dark

By 02.01.13

It’s not the most pressing problem of modern life, but it does happen to pretty much everybody at some point: You put your phone on your nightstand, settle down to sleep, and then realize “Dammit, I forgot to plug my phone in.” Cue five minutes of fumbling as you try to jam your microUSB cord into the phone’s outlet.

The USB Microlight aims to fix this.

As you may have guessed, the Microlight is basically a USB cable with a keychain LED flashlight strapped to it. So, if you realize your phone is unplugged in the dark, you grab the cable, press the button, and you’ve got a small light to plug your phone in by:

As silly as this might seem to some degree, we can actually see it being pretty useful. It’s basically a small flashlight constantly at your bedside, so if you need to figure out if that thump noise was the cat being a jackass or something else. And it beats having to turn on the lamp just plug your damn phone in.

USB Micro Light [Kickstarter]

About Dan Seitz... Dan Seitz is a semi-professional nerd (he'll have to code a homebrew game for the NES before he goes pro). He grew up fiddling with video game systems, computers, cameras, and other technology you should never hand to an eight-year-old if you want it back in pristine condition. Currently, he lives in Boston with his girlfriend, her cat, a Shih Tzu, and far too many objects with processors.
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