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The Napsack is the spawn of the sleeping bag and the hoodie

By 12.05.12

Sleeping bags and hoodies are two very comfortable things, and in our Snuggie-obsessed world, somebody combining the two was really only a matter of time. But at least the Napsack is useful as more than a gag gift. Well, sort of.



The Napsack is pretty much a sleeping bag with a hood and two holes for your arms. There’s also a cinch at the waist so you can haul up the bottom portion and look like you’re wearing a sleeveless hoodie, or possibly a tech vest and a hoodie’s unholy spawn.

Yes, you will look goofy, but keep in mind this is for light camping and for wearing around the house where nobody can see you: Goofy is pretty much the name of the game, here.

It’s not rated for winter use, unfortunately, so taking it camping as your primary sleeping bag is probably a bad idea. But if you’ve always wanted something like this, it finally exists for you. And you’ve got color options: Black, blue, green, and orange. Owning one will cost your dignity and $130.

The Napsack [Poler]

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