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DNA Marker Gun is… kinda disturbing, actually

By 01.24.13

So there’s a gun where you can fire your DNA at people, and splatter it all over someone’s clothes, and then track them down with it. Yes, we have finally achieved the ultimate goal of human technological achievement: we have weaponized perverted acts of DNA hosing.



OK, so this probably is not deliberately designed to sound like a creepy splooge gun, except it totally sounds like a creepy splooge gun. The idea of the DNA Marker Gun is that the DNA used is distinctive, so if police want to arrest somebody later, they can find the spot when the DNA bullet hit, test it, and declare that this person was the one they shot that DNA onto. So basically, if the police decide you’re breaking the law, they can smack you with a DNA bullet and arrest you later.

But really, hitting somebody with a baby-batter bullet at high velocity should be really all the deterrent you need. It’ll make you want to go home and take a shower, and not just because you want to avoid being marked by the DNA.

SelectDNA [Official Site]

About Dan Seitz... Dan Seitz is a semi-professional nerd (he'll have to code a homebrew game for the NES before he goes pro). He grew up fiddling with video game systems, computers, cameras, and other technology you should never hand to an eight-year-old if you want it back in pristine condition. Currently, he lives in Boston with his girlfriend, her cat, a Shih Tzu, and far too many objects with processors.
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