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An electric Hummer now exists

By 11.27.12

What, you thought the Hummer had been consigned to the dust bin of mid-2000s popular culture, when the economy was riding high and gas was dirt cheap?

electric hummer


Well, you’re right, actually. But Prindiville, a small automotive company, has decided to try and bring it back, with a decidedly less gas-guzzling spin.

The Prindiville Electric Hummer is not a sex toy but… well, it’s not quite an electric Hummer. Honestly it looks more like a Suzuki Samurai than anything else. But it is an attempt to get the Hummer updated to a more modern era, and is amusing, if nothing else.

It’s not an off-roader (although most commercially sold Hummers weren’t exactly good off pavement, either), as it only has rear wheel drive. And it also follows the Hummer tradition of having terrible range: It’ll only go 30 to 60 miles, just like an actual Hummer on one tank of gas.

On the bright side, it comes with nice heated seats, a CD and an MP3 player, and an LCD dashboard.

If you’re interested in getting this crossbreed of a Hummer and a Smart car, it’ll be available starting at $40,000 for the 25 made as part of a limited edition.

Electric Hummer [Prindiville]

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