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Tokyo Game Show In A Nutshell, Part 2

By 09.21.12

Time once again to see what Japan’s biggest game related gathering, the Tokyo Game Show, has to offer.

Yesterday I theorized that there might not be enough interesting content to warrant continued overage of TGS. Well, I was wrong. Case in point, this brand new trailer for Metal Gear Rising. It might be entirely in Japanese, but slicing and dicing human bodies is a universal language, right?

Oh, and there’s Metal Gear Solid: Social Ops, which as the name implies, is a social title. And it looks pretty rad! For a social title…

Not surprisingly, a brand new Yakuza game is on the way. And part five truly has it all, as it spans five different cities. Not only do you get to beat up thugs like normal, but you can also play baseball, perform crazy cabbie tricks, dance as a little girl, and kill bears…

Sony revealed a brand new trailer for their Super Smash Bros wannabe. This one features the entire, final cast, and is super dramatic. Yet still looks as janky as always…

Speaking fighting games that don’t look very good: what the hell is Injustice: Gods Among Us, an American game, doing at TGS? Your guess is as good as mine. Anyhow, I got the chance to try it out at PAX Prime, and it ain’t no Mortal Kombat. Yet it was still better than PlayStation All-Stars

Figured that I had exhausted my stash of Capcom trailers from yesterday? Wrong; here’s one more. It’s for E.X. Troopers, which is an anime game that takes place in the Lost Planet universe. Doesn’t look half bad actually…

Square Enix is always a force to be reckoned with at a show like TGS, but this year it was pretty much nothing but Kingdom Hearts (or so it seems), and no one wants to see that. At least there’s this trailer for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, their MMO’s reboot…

And finally, we have the first look at the brand new Fist of the North Star title, Ken’s Rage 2. It’s basically sums everything that is booth good and awful about the Japanese game scene at the moment…

About Matt Hawkins... Matt Hawkins is an NYC based video game journalist, designer, consultant, and cultralist. He's been published in EGM, Kotaku, and MSNBC amongst others. Matt also makes comics and zines, is obsessed with cable access, gets into arguments with homeless people all the time, and once had his nipple bitten off during a one night stand. But that's neither here nor there.
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