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‘Hotline Miami’ fan film for both fans and the unfamiliar

By 03.08.13

Because those who have played Hotline Miami will know how spot on it is, and those who haven’t will go “This is seriously based on a video game?” Before immediately getting a copy of their own.

Being familiar with the source material, which involves running around and murdering people while wearing animal heads (and which I’ve mentioned a few times already) is not a perquisite for watching the following, though it certainly helps.

Otherwise, it’s just about some guy in a wolf masks, killing a bunch of kids. Not like that’s the most common thing you’ll see, mind you…

Actually, those who have played the game will cry foul over one significant detail: the enemies NEVER miss.

About Matt Hawkins... Matt Hawkins is an NYC based video game journalist, designer, consultant, and cultralist. He's been published in EGM, Kotaku, and MSNBC amongst others. Matt also makes comics and zines, is obsessed with cable access, gets into arguments with homeless people all the time, and once had his nipple bitten off during a one night stand. But that's neither here nor there.
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