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Deaths of real life people immortalized in ‘World of Warcraft’

By 01.21.13

Sometimes when a player of World of Warcraft dies in the real world, their friends will erect a memorial in-game. And here’s a video that highlights just a few.

When I first saw the following on Kotaku, I thought the tributes were for characters that had passed away, not the people who controlled them. So instead of goofy causes of death, like eaten by a dragon or smother, it’s something very real and not exactly funny, like cancer.

I know it’s an odd choice to kick a Monday off with, though I’m confident many will appreciate the clip nonetheless. Also, when I die, I hope some blue wizard shows up to my gravesite and does a spell so flowers grow and deer can graze upon the grass that’s nearby…

But still, I can’t help but be reminded of the follow, of the epic WoW funeral crashers. Perfect for those who want a hearty laugh, especially after the rather somber and admittedly depressing video above.

For those who don’t know the details: someone beloved in a clan passed away (again, in the real world), so everyone decided to have a funereal in game. Thing is, it took place in a PvP server, and because they decided not to come armed (for whatever reason), it left them WIDE open.

It also features the best use of a Misfits song, ever…

About Matt Hawkins... Matt Hawkins is an NYC based video game journalist, designer, consultant, and cultralist. He's been published in EGM, Kotaku, and MSNBC amongst others. Matt also makes comics and zines, is obsessed with cable access, gets into arguments with homeless people all the time, and once had his nipple bitten off during a one night stand. But that's neither here nor there.
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