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And now we know what Gamestop is doing for Black Friday

By / 11.16.12

Along with where all of Amazon’s game related deals will be found.

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Unlike Best Buy and Wal-Mart, the largest dedicated retailer when it comes to just electronic entertainment, Gamestop, has yet to divulge its upcoming Black Friday deals. So that’s where message boards where employees spill the beans (unanimously of course) come in. That’s exactly the info you’ll find over at CheapAssGamer, who has the inside track as to what to expect.

As far as highlights on the hardware end goes, you have the Xbox 360 250GB Holiday System Bundle, which includes Skyrim, Forza 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. All for just $249.99; it’s essentially like Best Buy’s deal, except Black Ops 2 is included for $50, which is $10 cheaper than normal, so that’s not so bad.

Everything else is pretty much prices you’ve seen already, which is nothing to sneeze out mind you. As for software, the ones I care about the most are Dead or Alive 5 for just $29.99, Skyrim for the same exact price, Doom 3: BFG at just $19.99, plus Dead Space2 for only $14.99.

Meanwhile, Amazon has set up a page that will be home to all its Black Friday deals when the time comes. At the moment, it’s not terribly exciting; tons of games are listed, but the prices seem hardly any different than what they normally go for. I’m guessing that, when the time comes, many of them will drop, so I say keep it handy.

And even if they don’t, are you honestly up for dealing with all the insanity and absurdity that the day after Thanksgiving sales generally entrails, or would you rather just kick back at home and do all your shopping online like a civilized human being, even if it means that you’re not saying $50 off some hardware bundle, just $45? I think you the answer to that one.

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