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Afterglow: Instagram without the suck

By 11.08.12

Like all people who own a DSLR, I have a seething hatred of Instagram. That said, filters applied after you’ve shot an image are not a bad thing. It’s just most people use awful filters and don’t know how to use them in the first place.



Enter Afterglow.

What I like about this iOS app is pretty simple: It’s got twenty filters actually worth using. Instagram is a social network, but Afterglow was clearly developed by people who think photography is something worth doing. The app also has adjustment tools, transform tools, and other basic photo-editing functions that Instagram either lacks or just doesn’t do well.

Of course, the simple fact of the matter is, it’s designed to work with Instagram, so if you don’t like Instagram, its functionality can be somewhat more limited than you may like.

But if you actually like taking pictures instead of firing off snapshots, or at least want a bit more granular control, Afterglow is the best app I’ve found that pretty much anybody can use.

Now stop taking photos of your food, OK?

Afterglow [iTunes Store]

About Dan Seitz... Dan Seitz is a semi-professional nerd (he'll have to code a homebrew game for the NES before he goes pro). He grew up fiddling with video game systems, computers, cameras, and other technology you should never hand to an eight-year-old if you want it back in pristine condition. Currently, he lives in Boston with his girlfriend, her cat, a Shih Tzu, and far too many objects with processors.
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