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Pink Shoes, Camo Cargos, USMNT Jersey: Bryce Harper Bro’ed Hardest This Weekend

And a Dallas Cowboys hat.

7 Craziest Documentaries of the Last 20 Years

Truth is stranger than fiction and I’ll take raw struggle over shitty CGI any day. That’s why I love a good

Watch This Lion Try to Eat a Baby Through a Glass Partition

We've evolved to the point that we can trap a lion and put our babies right next to it and laugh about it.

Jealous Monkey Tries to Attack Man at Memphis Zoo

This monkey is very insecure. Apparently he is the alpha male of Memphis Zoo primates and felt threatened by this tall guy. The

The Daily Buzz for April 28, Presented By Kate Middleton Look-Alike Katie Green

Fresh pics released today: Katie Green, the Kate Middleton Look-Alike in Zoo via Egotastic. Here's a related link Tips? joepa@brobible.com TRUTH: The royal wedding is dumb,