Dubai Woman Denied Entry To Disney World With Her Service Animal, A Baby Tiger


Disney World in Orlando is quite possibly the happiest place on Earth.

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A Baby Hippo Was Born At The San Diego Zoo And Here It Is Swimming For The First Time


Let this adorable video of a baby hippo taking its first swim be a reminder that hippos are some of Africa's most aggressive and deadly animals, and that they display aggression by spraying poop in the air and spinning their tails to send it flying in every direction possible.


Baby Elephant Adorably Falls On His Back, Big Mama Saves The Day Like Only A Mama Can


It's a scientific fact that in every human being's DNA exists a permutation designed to make us 'Oooo' and 'awww' at baby elephants.


These Lemurs Are Here to Do Two Things: Lick Lollipops and Give Zero Fucks


Is your life unraveling because you just got a speeding ticket on the way to fail your first exam of the semester.

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