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And Now an Important Message From the Miami Zombie Face-Eating Victim, One Year Later

It was only a year ago that we legitimately feared the Zombie Apocalypse, thanks large in part to the insane actions of Rudy

Zombie Apocalypse Dream Team: Athletes Edition

Imagine waking up to a world that is dead silent. Nothing is moving. Everything you took for granted is gone. No family. No friends. Just

Miami Zombie Victim Ronald Poppo Says Attacker Yelled: ‘You’re Going to Be My Wife’

It wasn't too long ago that we hid in our fallout shelters, holding loved ones close and stocking up on rations while waiting out the

It’s Good To Be a Man, Plus Your Best Links of the Day

Yet another reason why you're a lot better off having a Y Chromosome. ViaFollow BroBible on Twitter, Facebook,

10 Things Not To Do When Encountering a Bath Salts Individual

The Bath Salts epidemic is relatively new and has many people wondering how to handle what some are referring to as a zombie apocalypse. Well,

Florida Continues to Lead the World in Zombie Attacks

Like zombies themselves, zombie-apocalypse-related stories refuse to die. That’s right, we had another incident last night. Get your shotgun ready.

The Absolutely Ridiculous AR-15 ‘Zombie Destroyer’ Includes 9 Magazines, 3 Lasers, and 4 Flashlights

Well, this is f*cking awesome. World, meet the AR-15 Mall Ninja Tactical Zombie Destroyer, a badass gun that's been tricked out with nine (30 round) mags,

And Now an Oregon Man Has Come Down With the ‘Black Death’ Plague

He got it from rescuing a mouse that was about to be eaten by a stray cat. That’s why you always let nature take its

‘What Bath Salts Can Do to You’: Buying Bath Salts at a Strip Club & Other Sordid Tales from TV News

Like it or not, the national media's hard-on for regurgitating the same report about deranged (and some might say idiotic) people high on bath salts

Connecticut Wig Shop Owner Survives Possible Zombie Attack

At BroBible, we're committed to informing the world about the coming zombie horde. Today's news comes from Connecticut.

Andy Samberg Pleads With Humans to Stop Eating Each Other

If there’s one man who can save this crazy world from the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse, it’s Andy Samberg. Here he is with a public service

ATTENTION: Zombie Apocalypse-Approved ‘Pass the Bath Salts’ Party Tanks Now for Sale!

Your summer 2012 wardrobe isn't complete until you've acquired a Zombie Apocalypse-approved "Pass the Bath Salts" party tank. It's now for sale in the

Canadian Zombie Is A Big Sergei Federov Fan, And Other News From The Apocalypse

Luka Magnotta, the Canadian porn actor who allegedly ate a victim weeks ago, and whose story is another twist in our inevitable descent to

Pretend Zombie Goes On Rampage, Hilarity Ensues

With everything that happened last week, it was almost a given something like this was coming. Prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy spent some quality time running

Zombie Apocalypse PSA: This Is What Your Brain Looks Like on Bath Salts

Since the Zombie Apocalypse appears to be nigh, what better time to show you this terrifying video from last August. It's a video of

Here’s Video of the Full ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ Face-Eating Attack in Miami

By now you’ve heard about it. Rudy Eugene, a 31-year-old Miami man, was shot and killed by police after the found him eating the face