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The Top 10 Most Liked YouTube Videos All Time

How can you not like Katy Perry as a hot jungle woman?

Man Attempting to Sell His Shitty Old Volvo, Skips Craigslist and Makes Incredible YouTube Commercial Instead

The car boasts both "an inside and an outside, " a "curly exhaust," "two pieces of black roof sticks" and "hepatitis B." Yeah, you're going

Watch a Grandfather ‘Wingman’ for His Grandson Out to Get Laid

New favorite YouTube series.

YouTube Celebrity Bitched About Having His Car Towed on His Channel, Guy Who Towed It Fires Back

No idea who this YouTube celebrity shitbucket, Joey Gracefa, is but it seems like he has no concept of reality and sucks at life. The video really sums up

10 Awesome Geek Channels On YouTube

It's Shark Week, first and foremost, but if you didn't know this week is also Youtube's Geek Week. So here are the top 10 Geek

Dead Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev Had a Playlist Called ‘Terrorism’ on YouTube

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the man shot dead by police in connection with the horrific Boston Marathon bombings, appears to have a rather active presence on YouTube.

YouTube Releases Ridiculous 12-Hour Video as Part of April Fool’s Day Prank

This post is about a 12-hour video. You will probably not watch all of it. (If you do, we should talk.) However, you should know

The Funniest YouTube Comments of the Year, According to BuzzFeed

Awfully difficult to rank the best YouTube comments of the year -- there are so many of the them (trillions, maybe?). I suppose the best

Ranking the 5 Best Eagle Videos on YouTube, Because Eagle Videos Are F-cking Awesome

December 19, 2012 shall go down in history as the day the Internet lost its shit over a possibly fake video of a motherf-ckin' golden eagle swooping

The 5 Types of People Who Force You to Watch YouTube Clips

So you're hanging out with friends, and none of you have any idea how to hold a conversation any longer. Someone says "Oh, have you

Is This the Worst YouTube Video Ever?

Just asking. It is ... something. 

YouTube Comments Are Just the Best + Chuck Liddell Takes Self-Pics, Plus Today’s Fix (23 Pics)

So much awesomeness in Today's Fix. Let's lead with two items: A hilarious YouTube comments and hilarious pics of Chuck Liddell taking a photo the

Kristen Stewart Cheating on Robert Pattinson Has Ruined This Girl’s Life

Yes, this isn’t Bro at all. I just couldn’t resist.

The YouTube Complaints Department is a Terrible Place

All the worst people from the YouTube comment sections in one place.

Bored? Waste 11-Minutes with the Greatest 15-Second or Less Videos on the Internet

Bored as hell? Here's11-minutes of your life you'll never get back. Thanks Youtube! For the second "Youtube Haiku" compilation, Tharpless compiled over 35 of the greatest

I Asked YouTube if LeBron James Sucks; Here’s What I Found Out

Perhaps no athlete inspires vitriol like LeBron James. The Miami Heat star is one of the best players the NBA has ever seen. He also

Can You Make it Through This Horrible Woman’s Healthy-Eating Rant?

Well, this really got me riled up. At first glance, this video is pleasant enough. Just a nice-looking lady in a red hat,

This Guy Wants to Play You All the ‘90s Pop Hits on His Melodica

It's a big day for YouTube user BennyTheJukebox. His painstaking efforts to revive the 1990's biggest pop hits on his melodica are finally

Rebecca Black and Avicii Countdown the Top 10 Most Popular YouTube Videos of 2011

As much as you want to pour on the hate, remember this Internet commenters: Rebecca Black most likely grossed more money than you

The Best Viral Videos of 2011

The guys (or girls, I really have no idea) over at Videogum rummaged through all the viral videos of 2011 and shoved the very best

Watch Big Red’s Epic, Angry Rant About the Suck-A$$ Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones

Have nine minutes to kill? How about listening to the epic, angry rant of YouTube celeb divalover159, who's quite pissed that America' team

How Mad Does It Make You That the Guy Who Asked For a Million Dollars on YouTube Got It?

Back in the end of November, this random ass dude named Craig Rowan asked for a million dollars on YouTube. Now, if his latest video

A Fine Example of What Should Happen When You Play in Traffic

Earlier this week, a video of a man getting hit by an ice cream truck hit YouTube. The video is 46 seconds long and consists