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Girl Desperate For Her YouTube Video To Go Viral Wears Mentos Bra And Panties In A Bath Of Diet Coke

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Remember that video of the Japanese teenager who taped a bunch of Mentos to his body and jumped in a bathtub full of Diet Coke.


This Brazilian Ex-Porn Star Makes $5 Million A Year On Youtube Just By Unwrapping Children’s Toys


If you’re reading this you’re probably in/have recently graduated college.

gay bros

Twin YouTube Stars Capture Emotional Call To Their Father To Tell Him That They’re Gay


I hate to spoil this video from The Rhodes Bros, but it's so fantastic that it needs to be shared.

most popular videos

YouTube’s 10 Most Watched Videos Of 2014 Are Quite An Eclectic Mix


CNN put together the compilation video you see below which summarizes the 10 most popular videos to appear on YouTube in 2014 (I assume of the non-music video type) and as you will see, the subject matter of those videos is completely all across the board.

the kloons

Two Bros Acting Out A Conversation Between 60-Year-Old Women Will Make Your Sides Hurt


These two brothers from Brooklyn, The Kloons, act out a conversation between their 60-year-old mother and aunt, and holy crap did I just die laughing.


The Top 10 Most Liked YouTube Videos All Time


How can you not like Katy Perry as a hot jungle woman.


Man Attempting to Sell His Shitty Old Volvo, Skips Craigslist and Makes Incredible YouTube Commercial Instead


The car boasts both "an inside and an outside, " a "curly exhaust," "two pieces of black roof sticks" and "hepatitis B.

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