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Buffalo Bills Mascot Destroys Youth Football Quarterback With Dirtiest Play Imaginable

I’ve been watching this on repeat for 15 minutes and I’m no closer to understanding it than when I first started. What I see is

Little Pop Warner Bro Makes Sick Touchdown Grab

This is one hell of a play by a little dude. Let’s hope it’s not the highlight of his life or it will just be

Girl Rushes for 1,911 Yards, 35 TDs in a Youth Football League. The Highlights Are Even More Insane

Holy sh*t. 

Violent Youth Football League Brawl Ends with Coach Smacking Ref to the Ground

Apparently they'll let anyone coach a youth football team in West Park, Florida, including a 43-year old man who's criminal record includes aggravated assault, assault with

‘When Ghetto Football Games Go Bad’ Brawl Shows How Not to Be a Role Model

It's rather nice when a title writes itself. But when Sacramento youth football coaches get a little bit too angry? Less nice. 

‘The Future of Football in Mom’s Hands,’ Says ESPN’s Jemele Hill

There's no doubting that the concussion hysteria has hit hard, and that no one's gonna walk away from the game of football without a bruise