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All You Neckbeard Language Snobs Can STFU Because ‘YOLO’ Is In the Dictionary Now

Suck it, neckbeard language snobs.

Sticking Your Hands In Gloves Full of Bullet Ants Is Not a Wise Idea

I'm all about YOLOing it up when I travel.

High School Brat Writes ‘YOLO’ On a Test, Gets What’s Coming For Him

  We can all agree that the term “YOLO” needs to stick its head in the oven and die, right? […]

YOLO-Ing College Students Steal ‘YOLO’ From College Sign During Mardi Gras

Just admit it: You read this headline and your faith in the future of humanity just started to dwindle.

Bro Goes on an Epic World Adventure, YOLOs the Shit Out of Life More Than You Ever Will

Louis Cole is my new hero. This Bro just dropping a video that will make you want to quite your job, cash out your 401k, and

Words From 2013 We Need To Retire

2014 is going to be "twerk"-free and I can't freaking wait for it. 

High School Seniors vs. Senior Citizens: Who’s Smarter, Cooler, and Awesomer?

Hint: The senior citizens didn't say YOLO. SMH for the future generation.... 

M.I.A. Has Transformed Drake’s ‘Yolo’ In ‘Yala’

Coming to an obnoxious dance floor near you: M.I.A.'s take on Drake's "YOLO," a borderline incomprehensible banger called "Y.A.L.A." It sounds like a shitty Major Lazer song

The Real Reason Why That Drunk YOLO-Tweeting College Girl Story Is So Popular

By now, you’ve probably heard of the gal that goes by Vodka Sam–the YOLO-tweeting, white girl wasted-endorsing University Iowa student who made headline after headline

High School Student Suspended After Writing YOLO on Test, then Tweeting It

Texas high school student Kyron Birdine didn't want to take the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) test. He already had another standardized

Saying YOLO, and 20 Things Everyone Needs to Stop Doing

Saying that you remember "The Adventures of Pete & Pete" doesn't make you old—it makes you 23. So... stop saying it makes you feel old.

A Bro With a Pink YOLO Hat Stole the Show at the Duke-Virginia Tech Game

Thirty-three percent of the BroBible team went to Duke. That’s way too many Blue Devils in the workplace. Those of us who weren’t smart enough

Lonely Island Makes Fun of YOLO on SNL with Kendrick Lamar and Adam Levine

Figures that Lorne Michaels would bring back Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island for one of the best SNL Digital Shorts in a long, long

Bad News for Drake RE: YOLO

No pay day for you... 

Kama Stupid: 10 New Sex Positions for 2013

You haven't lived until you've done it Gangnam Style.

Drake Warns Walgreens and Macy’s to ‘Chill’ Over YOLO Merchandise on Instagram

Looks like Drake finally figured out that people are using YOLO as a motto for merchandise. Or maybe he just finally made it into a

GIF Is Oxford American Dictionaries’ Word of the Year; YOLO, Somehow, Is a Runner-Up

Grammar nerds await with bated breath each year for the Oxford American's announcement of its "Word of the Year." Cynics would call these announcements a

A GIF That Describes What Happens When You Hear Someone Say YOLO, Plus the Day’s Best Links

Die, YOLO. Die.

27 Funny and Cringe-Worthy Facebook Statuses About #YOLO

We all agree that #YOLO is culturally toxic and needs to die, right? Hell, we've even written two columns on the subject (here and here).

This Is a REALLY Good Cover of Drake’s ‘The Motto’

All in all, one of those songs that will refuse to leave your headphones for the forseeable future. 

Don’t Ever Get Off At This Exit, Plus Your Best Links of the Day

Because its more than likely you'll be set aflame by a pile of (young) money, leading to your imminent death. Via. Follow BroBible on Twitter, Facebook,

A YOLO to End All YOLOs, Plus Your Best Links of the Day

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Drake, Breezy Have Officially Shut The Club Down

W.i.P., the SoHo nightclub that played host to the now infamous Drake/Chris Brown brawl early Thursday morning, has been officially closed by the NYPD.  A New

Bath Salt Hysteria Reaches Congress

Whether or not you believe in impending zombie doom, there's no doubting that bath salts are hurting society just as much as the Kardashians. So

A Short Video On Why No One Should Take #YOLO Seriously at All

Over the weekend I attended my sister's college graduation and laughed audibly when I overheard some kid trying to explain to his grandparents

Help Connect Us with the Person Who Wrote an Eight Page College Essay On Drake’s #YOLO

UPDATE: Still haven't tracked down the YOLO paper, but we thought we'd retry with the hope of being able to read it sometime in the

Dom Mazzetti vs. YOLO

New Dom just hit YouTube. You know where to find it.