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This Is What Girls are REALLY Thinking About During Yoga

Girls fart during yoga? Damn... That's NASTY.... 

Today In Yoga Pants News…

The best thing about this news is the excuse to post yoga pants GIFs... 

Uhhh, I Think ‘Hot Girl Yoga Happy Hour’ Is the Best Video I’ve Ever Watched

I don't.... I just.... Uhhh.... I'll be back in five minutes. *Stevie Chay retreats to room, closes door, turns off lights, draws the window blinds...*

A Bro’s Love Letter to Girls Who Do Yoga

Thank you for coming into my life and providing something that both my girlfriend/girls in my life can both agree on with such enthusiasm. When

Probably the Best Yoga Video You’ll Ever Watch

Maybe the only yoga video you'll ever watch. This is Equinox’s Briohny Smyth moving and balancing like a freak. Oh, and the view