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This Man Writes Restaurant Reviews on Yelp, Includes a Photo of His Wife’s Boobs with Each One

A California man who goes by the name Charley C. on Yelp is taking a page out of the Jess Greenberg Guide to Winning the

Gus Fring’s Los Pollos Hermanos Has an Actual Yelp Page and the Reviews Aren’t That Bad

I've been binging my way through all six seasons of Breaking Bad  over the past month and I can't help to notice how imagery from

Looking for the Frattiest Bars in Your City? Yelp Is Here to Help

Last night, Yelp introduced "Wordmap," a tool that shows its users heatmaps of major cities based on keyword frequency in reviews. In other words, if

Did This Murderer Give Himself Away on Yelp?

Kind of?

I Can’t Stop Reading These Yelp Prison Reviews

Last night I caught Stephen Colbert's segment on the burgeoning phenomenon of Yelp prison reviews. Yes, Yelp prison reviews. According to a trend piece in