Watch A Restaurant Staff Read Mean Reviews From Yelp And Be Glad You’re Not A Waiter


People who work in the service industry put up with the worst shit from people.


Chef Gets Sweet Revenge On Two Entitled Women Who Wrote Bad Yelp Reviews


There are many great things about Yelp: It's perfect for finding the cleanest strip club in a city you're not familiar with after a succulent steak dinner at a local chophouse.


This Restaurant Owner Facebook Messaged A Yelper Who Gave Him A One Star Review, Calls Him ‘Ugly’ And ‘Retarded’

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It’s one thing for a restaurant owner to get upset at a one star review on Yelp, but it’s another thing entirely for that owner, in this case Chef Bac Nguyen, to go out and find the Yelper on Facebook and harass him.


Bitchy Yelp Reviewer Gets Absolutely DESTROYED By Restaurant Owner


Some people exist in the world only to make other people miserable when they don't get their own way, because they are in fact the center of the known universe.

yelp reviews

The 9 types of Yelp reviewers: From worst to best


Yelp helps us pick restaurants, praise them for a great experience and berate them for failing to deliver.

yuzu sushi

Chicago sushi restaurant dominates lying Yelp reviewer


A Chicago Yelper, who might be Stephanie Tanner, was on the receiving end of a digital smackdown and now potentially faces a lawsuit after posting a scathing 1-star review when she supposedly didn't even eat at the restaurant.


Gus Fring’s Los Pollos Hermanos Has an Actual Yelp Page and the Reviews Aren’t That Bad


I've been binging my way through all six seasons of Breaking Bad  over the past month and I can't help to notice how imagery from the show is freakin' everywhere these days.


Looking for the Frattiest Bars in Your City? Yelp Is Here to Help


Last night, Yelp introduced "Wordmap," a tool that shows its users heatmaps of major cities based on keyword frequency in reviews.

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