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Peter Dinklage’s Yearbook Photo Highlights His Next-Level Mullet and Bangs Combo

Before Peter Dinklage was Game of Thrones badass Tyrion Lannister, or even famous, he was a high school student. And […]

Can You Decipher This Girl’s Amazing, NSFW-ish Yearbook Message?

There is an incredible hidden message in this girl's yearbook quote: "Fluorine uranium carbon potassium bismuth technetium helium sulfur germanium thulium oxygen neon yttrium." Think

Kate Upton’s High School Yearbook Photos Have Hit the Web

Even though they are free of any and all cleavage, something tells me these pictures of a young Kate Upton, from her days at Holy

The Nguyen Girls Get Their Point Across with the Best High School Yearbook Quote Ever

This photo is making the rounds today. Mad respect to all the girl with the last name Nguyen at this high school, spelling out: “We

Tiger Woods’ ‘Most Likely To Succeed’ Photo from His High School Yearbook

Yesterday Sports Illustrated published an awesome slideshow of athlete high school yearbook photos. It's worth checking out. Amongst the gems? Mark McGwire's Damien High School

Brian Wilson Left a Great Message In His High School Yearbook for Anyone Who Hated Him

Who's gas will the haters be pumping when their lives go to sh*t? Brian Wilson's gas, that's who (so long as said haters wound-up living