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Chase Headley Met His New Teammates In The Middle of The Game And Then Hit A Walk-Off

This is a helluva way to introduce yourself to a new team.

Why the Baseball Team You Grew Up Stays with You for Life: A Tribute to Mariano Rivera

I remember my first Yankees game like it was yesterday. I remember my ice cream in a helmet my Dad bought me. I remember him

Mark Teixeira Took a Pretty Hard Jab at A-Rod During a Charity Event

Baseball player and clearly the greatest Yankee of all-time, Mark Teixeira, doesn't seem to be thrilled with how A-Rod is upholding the "Yankee Tradition." He delivered

New York Yankees Fan Eats Cotton Candy Like a Crazy Person

What the hell is wrong with this guy besides, you know, being a Yankees fan?

Mike Francesa Gears Up for a Signature Rant, Only to Get Destroyed by Caller

WFAN's Mike Francesa, arguably the biggest name in sports talk radio over the past two decades, has been somewhat of a viral sensation as of

Ivan Nova’s Fastball Is Too Good for Catchers Gloves

Meaning, the Yankee pitcher threw a seemingly innocuous 93 mph fastball--which happened to be ball four--straight through the glove of catcher Russell Martin. You don't

Brett Lawrie Takes Scary Fall Into Yankee Stadium Doom Pit

Whoever thought of that camera-area design deserves a not-raise. Thankfully, the Blue Jays 3B appears to be ok after last night's scary moment. 

Kansas City Royals’ Humberto Quintero Turned In a Hilarious Swing

Kansas City Royals catcher Humberto Quintero got a chance to play under the bright lights of Yankee Stadium last night. He used the opportunity to

This Guy Wants Mariano Rivera to Come Back More Than You

He’ll get his wish if the New York Yankees closer keeps his word. For his sake, we hope the cutter-throwing right-hander does make

Don’t Look at the Babes, Look at the Yankees Fan

Don’t worry, gang. New York Yankees fans have not changed since being eliminated from the playoffs last year. They’re still doing stuff like trying to

Yankees Fan Wants Boston To Know How Awesome Being a Playoff Team Is

Just a Yankees' fan, in his mother's basement, celebrating the fact that his team got in and the Red Sox were left out

Red Sox Pitcher Served Child Support-Related Legal Papers by Yankees Fan

Getting served with legal papers is never a fun experience. For professional athletes, it's no easier, especially when you're confronted at work, and work is

Watch a D-Bag Red Sox Fan Act Like a Clown Every Time He’s on Camera

Watch tonight's Yankees-Red Sox game on My9 in New York? Surely you saw some usual suspects in the crowd. There was the Robert

Watch a Fat Woman Get Hit By a Foul Ball in Slow Motion

This ladies motor skills and reaction time f*ckin blow. Just frozen in place as the ball pelts her in the eye. The lady sitting above

Yankees Fan’s Face Bloodied After Taking Foul Ball To The Head

Chavez had been on the disabled list for nearly three months, but was still able to power a deep fly ball to right field against

Watch the Trailer for HBO Sports Derek Jeter 3K Trailer Documentary

Tomorrow night at 9 P.M. HBO Sports will premiere "Derek Jeter 3k," it's intimate, behind-the-scenes look at Jeter's quest for 3000 hits. Check

Watch a Vet Who Lost His Arm in Afghanistan Catch a Foul Ball at Yankee Stadium

In case you missed SportsCenter's Top 10 Plays on Friday night, we're absolutely confident this is the best foul ball snag you'll see today. During

Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski’s Yankees/Red Sox Rivalry Forges On

Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski are both die-hard baseball fans. Krasinski roots for the Red Sox while Baldwin is a part of the Yankee faithful.

After 0-6 Start, Red Sox Fans are ‘One Win Hunting’ Against the Yankees This Weekend

As a Yankees fan, I've been avoiding mentioning the Red Sox' 0-6 start for two reasons: It's the first week of the season for

Ok, Fine, We’ll Post the Mickey Mantle BJ Letter That’s Been Circulating On the Internet Since 2006

In 2006, a blogger named Will Leitch published a little post on a site called Deadspin.com titled "Mickey Mantle, God Among Men." Here's what Leitch

Reports: Yankee Pitcher Andy Pettite Will Retire Tomorrow

Reports from Michael Kay, ESPN, and elsewhere are saying that Andy Pettite will announce his retirement tomorrow. Steroids aside, he was an incredible pitcher and

VIDEO: Nick Swisher Shaves His Movember ‘Stache and Talks Yankee Baseball with BroBible

Nick Swisher is the f*cking man. He’s a switch-hitting All-Star and World Champion who grew a fu-man-chew for Movember to raise awareness about prostate cancer.

Hilarious GIF of Yankee Fan on Cano Home Run, Plus Other Weird Moments from Game 4 of the ALCS

It's been a weird night at Yankee Stadium. We had back-to-back controversial home runs by the Yankees: fans reached over the wall on Robinson Cano's

Did Jay-Z’s Yankee Hat Inspire a New York City Crime Wave?

Last year, I was lucky enough to attend Game 2 of the World Series at Yankee Stadium, a 3-1 New York victory that began