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86 Yale Students Sued in 2011 Tailgating Death

This story is a couple of days old, but it's too unusual to not post: An entire fraternity is facing two separate lawsuits related to

A Gunman Has Been Spotted on Yale’s Campus

Multiple outlets are reporting that a gunman has been spotted on Yale's Old Campus in New Haven, CT. Shelter is place for students and faculty;

Harvard Bros Took a Trip to Yale, Posed As Campus Tour Guides, And Gave People TERRIBLE Tours

I have zero affiliation to either school, but working on the Internet for all these years has given me a great appreciation for thoughtful trolling and this

Someone Is Pooping in Yale’s Student Laundry Rooms and Ruining Everyone’s Clothes

Yale will forever be without a doubt the weirdest of the Ivys. So it hardly comes as a surprise that someone is getting their jollies there

Something Is Killing the Squirrels at Yale

A major perk of living on a green college campus is the close promixity it gives you to human's best friend, the common squirrel. Never

A Few Thoughts on Yale’s #SWUG - Senior Washed Up Girl - Life

New York Magazine published a fascinating sociological annal of Yale University's #SWUG Life. Since it's about senior life at one of the most prestigious institutions

Yale Hosts Ridiculous Sex Workshop Where 9% Admit to Prostitution

Beastality, incest fantasies, prostitution.... It's just that whole Yale thing, you know?

Yale Law Student Sends Blistering Open Letter to Classmates, Calls Them ‘Uptight Motherf*ckers’

Law school can be a tough place. You put in long hours studying hopelessly boring material. You're constantly competing against awful classmates. Your whole grade,

Yale Suspends DKE for 5 Years Over Chanting—Do You Agree with the Punishment?

Yale just handed down a pretty stiff penalty to the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity, whose pledges were caught chanting "no means yes, yes means anal!"

The 2014 Class of Yale School of Medicine Celebrates Their Admission with Song and Dance

It's almost the end of the spring semester, which means its time for a bountiful harvest of cheesy -- yet sorta amusing -- "follies" videos

Yale Running Back Deon Randall Might Want to Work on His Chest-Bump Skills…

Today Harvard beat the Yale Bulldogs, 28-21. Before we get to this chest-bump FAIL, let's recap. As usual, there were all sorts of unconventional story