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Interviewer Gets Real Dirty to Ask Why Yoga Pants Are So Spectacular

Okay, he doesn't get that dirty. But anyway, here's our old friend (or enemy???) Yafa asking UCLA students  why yoga pants are man's greatest invention.

Bro Asks UCLA College Students ‘What Are The Rules of Snapchat?’

Most common response: "If you're going to send a nude pic, DO NOT PUT YOUR FACE IN IT." Duh.

Bro Asks College Girls About the Lies Women Tell Men

As a follow-up to Yafa's last video about the lies men tell women, he's now asking female students at the University of Minnesota about the

Bro Interviews People on the Street, Asks for Difference Between ‘Players’ and ‘Sluts’

We've featured Yafa—a budding young talent with a knack for getting possibly intoxicated Minnesota students to say funny stuff—before. He's back, and he's found answers