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Check Out This Insane $400 Million Dollar Yacht Designed to Look Like Monaco

It'll probably never be built and it might not even be sea-worthy, but the proposed super-yacht called "Streets of Monaco" is undoubtedly the most ridiculous

55 Pics of the Craziest Luxury Yachts In the World

Most ballin' shit ever? Most ballin' shit ever... 

Rate This $300 Million ‘Nirvana’ Superyacht

Ever want to own a boat with a reptile room, an on-board spa, and a helicopter pad. Well, Dr. Evil, this boat can be yours

A Bunch of Old Bros Stole a $2.8 Million Yacht, Loaded it Up with Beer and Pizza

Bill Murray's next starring role.

Meet ‘Venus,’ Steve Jobs’ Massive 250-Foot Yacht That Looks Like a Floating Apple Store

Apple fanboys, eat your heart out. Here's one Apple-inspired product you won't be able to stand in line for or smugly complain about i0S Apple

I Need an Inflatable Yacht Water Slide For My Next Sunday Funday

Pointless stuff like this is why being incredibly wealthy would be awesome. World, meet the Freestyle Cruiser custom-fitted yacht slide: A Sunday Funday slip'n slide for

This All-Wooden Speedboat is Sexy as Hell

This brand new, Serbian-made, all-wood speedboat just goes to prove that wood is good. Morning, noon, and night. Especially at night. It also goes to

World’s First ‘Green’ Superyacht Goes on Sale for $30 million

Some of you are thinking, "F*ck the environment, I don't want a stupid, green superyacht. Good for nothing, planet-saving, Toyota Prius-loving, piece of sh*t."

Forceful Bathroom Sex on a Yacht Leads To a Woman’s Severed Hand and a Man on the Run

Last week it was a lamp uprooting itself to cause facile lacerations in a hotel sex debacle and now this week a New Zealand woman

The 21 Craziest and Coolest Concept Yachts in Recent Memory

Last week we brought your attention to "The History Supreme," an anonymous businessman's questionably preposterous yet bling-tastic $4.5 billion yacht covered in solid gold.

The 15 Most Outlandish Wall Street Indulgences

"Wall Street 2: The Money Never Sleeps" opens tonight, and with Gordon Gekko finally out of jail, and that skinny dude from "Transformers" trying to

Alexander Ovechkin Spends His Summer Partying in Turkey

DC sports fans have plenty reasons to keep their heads held high this summer:  Strasburg on the mound, McNabb in a Skins jersey come September, and