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Bro Runs Into Burning House To Save His Xbox

People love their sex dolls. Why can’t they love a completely different pleasure box?

English Man Buys Photo of Xbox One for $734

Nottingham, England's Peter Clatworthy couldn't find a limited-edition Xbox One for his four-year-old son. Because his four-year-old son—who will be celebrating the discovery of his motor skills this

Here’s a Guy Reviewing an Original XBox Thinking It Is an XBox One

Some people know nothing about gaming. 

The 10 Most Hyped Xbox 360 Games of 2013 (So Far)

There’s a plethora of games out there, new and old for Xbox 360, and depending on your interests, you have your list of favorites. With

A Breakup Letter to the Xbox

Dear Xbox, I'm so sorry you have to find this out in a letter, but after everything we've been through, I just couldn't handle doing it

You Are Now Free to Share Your Video Games: Microsoft Removes Xbox One’s Stupid DRM Policy

We all had a good laugh last week when Sony revealed details of the Playstation 4, burning the Xbox One with the brutally honest ‘Official

15 Reasons To Hate the New Xbox One

The times they are a-changin'. 

Watch a Trailer for the New Halo Game, Plus Info About the New Xbox One

E3 is happening, and Microsoft just spilled a few new details about the Xbox One. First: It's going to be released in November and will

Teen Asks to Be Sent to Prison, Says He’s Tired of Playing Xbox Over House Arrest

This story doesn't really add up.

And Now, a Very Angry Rant About the Xbox One

Super gamer Angry Joe of YouTube's Angry Joe Show is really, really "fucking disappointed" about Xbox One reveal event that happened yesterday. He hates pretty much

10 Things We Know About the New Xbox One

Microsoft just wrapped up an hour-long presentation that unveiled to the world the next-edition Xbox—called the "Xbox One." I came away

A Better Look at ‘IllumiRoom,’ a XBox Gamechanger That Turns Your Entire Room Into a Video Game

For the last few weeks I've been on a massive Bioshock Infinite binge. I'm a relatively new gamer (...just received an XBox 360 this past

Will The Next Xbox Fall Victim To The Third Console Curse?

Insanely important question. Remember the Sega Saturn, anyone? 

5 Rumors About the Xbox 720

Gamechanger? Or complete bullshit? Kinect required? Game play only from the hard drive? Ugh... 

10 Video Games Every Bro Needs For College

When you’re living the dorm life, you’ll find yourself with an excessive amount of time to burn. Everybody knows there’s never anything good on television,