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5 Racing Games That’ll Make You Buy a Next Gen Console

When it comes to next gen gaming, there’s nothing that can compete quite like a racing game can. Whereas other […]

Victor Cruz and Chris Ivory On the Xbox One, ‘Madden’, and Why Every Bro Needs the Xbox NFL App

Earlier this week the folks at Microsoft invited BroBible to swing by the swanky Chelsea loft to check out the NFL app on the Xbox One

How to Expertly Troll ‘Call of Duty’ Players on an Xbox One

This is just about the most perfect prank ever for people who play Call of Duty: Ghosts on Xbox One. It's pretty easy: Just change your gamertag

Russell Wilson Buys Xbox Ones for His Entire Offense

Bro move Russell Wilson. Bro move. 

You’ll Absolutely Want a Playstation 4 or Xbox One For Christmas After Watching This Insane Video

Everyone and their brother wants an Xbox One or PS4 this Christmas. But if you're anything like me, you're probably perfectly content gaming the way

English Man Buys Photo of Xbox One for $734

Nottingham, England's Peter Clatworthy couldn't find a limited-edition Xbox One for his four-year-old son. Because his four-year-old son—who will be celebrating the discovery of his motor skills this

‘NBA 2K14’ Will Award You a Technical Foul if You Swear While Playing

The next-generation console is here. And it's really interested in what you have to say. A brand-new Xbox One owner—a pretty upset Xbox One owner!—just uploaded a

If You Don’t Use These Badass Skins, You’re Using the PS4 and Xbox One Wrong

FEEL THE NOSTALGIA. The genius designers at houseofgrafix have created NES-themed skins for the Xbox One and PS4 that might as well come equipped with a

Here’s a Guy Reviewing an Original XBox Thinking It Is an XBox One

Some people know nothing about gaming. 

South Park Awesomely Breaks Down the Xbox One vs PS4 Console War

LET THE CONSOLE WARS BEGIN.... Things are about to get WEIRD amongst video game fanboys, as the PlayStation 4 launches in the U.S. in just a couple of

6 Must-Grab Games For When the New Xbox One Launches

On November 22nd, Microsoft is launching its latest console, the Xbox One. The follow-up to the Xbox 360 is launching with a massive amount of

A Breakup Letter to the Xbox

Dear Xbox, I'm so sorry you have to find this out in a letter, but after everything we've been through, I just couldn't handle doing it

You Are Now Free to Share Your Video Games: Microsoft Removes Xbox One’s Stupid DRM Policy

We all had a good laugh last week when Sony revealed details of the Playstation 4, burning the Xbox One with the brutally honest ‘Official

Sony Just BURNED Microsoft’s Xbox One with the ‘Official PlayStation Used Game Instructional Video’

One of the on-going grumblings gamers have had with Microsoft's Xbox One is the fear of a "game-sharing fee," which Microsoft said today it will

HOLY CRAP: Tom Clancy’s ‘The Division’ for Xbox One/PS4 Is Going to Blow Your Mind

Judging by the enthusastic reactions from video game nerds such as myself, this game might be the first true masterpiece for Xbox One and Playstation

Watch a Trailer for the New Halo Game, Plus Info About the New Xbox One

E3 is happening, and Microsoft just spilled a few new details about the Xbox One. First: It's going to be released in November and will

Watch the First Gameplay Trailer for FIFA 14

Good news, futbol geeks: Today EA dropped a dope new gameplay trailer for FIFA 14. So what's new? Here are all the shiny new features

Shorter Xbox One Reveal: TV, TV, and More TV

So I watched the whole Xbox One announcement yesterday and wrote this as quickly as I could afterward—because SOMEONE at Microsoft forgot to send us

And Now, a Very Angry Rant About the Xbox One

Super gamer Angry Joe of YouTube's Angry Joe Show is really, really "fucking disappointed" about Xbox One reveal event that happened yesterday. He hates pretty much

10 Things We Know About the New Xbox One

Microsoft just wrapped up an hour-long presentation that unveiled to the world the next-edition Xbox—called the "Xbox One." I came away