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Watch This ‘X Factor’ Contestant Deliver a Most Exquisite Burn on Demi Lovato

This video has been making the rounds this weekend, but we'll post for posterity. It's simply one of the greatest burns in TV history—poor Demi

Britney Spears in a Bikini is Surprisingly Enjoyable

It just hit me that there’s a huge group of you out there that don’t remember a time when Britney Spears was young, attractive and

‘Deep Down All Girls Want to Be Like Me’ Says Chick That’s Slept with 177 Dudes

And Dante Hicks thought his girlfriend was a slut for sucking 37 dicks in "Clerks." This chick, and former X-Factor contestant, Bianca Lake has her

Dylan Lawson Brings His Lil Wayne Game to ‘X-Factor’ Audition

We missed the first couple episodes of the American version of "X-Factor," and in particular Dylan Lawson's incredible audition. The Kentucky native apparently