Rusev Posted A Video Of His WrestleMania 31 Workout And John Cena Is Probably Running Through Snow Hills Right Now


This video will either A) make you want to hit the gym B) make you want to order the WWE Network to watch WrestleMania 31 or C) watch Rocky IV.


This Full Body Workout Will Get You More Swole Than Any One Performer at WrestleMania 31


The cartoon-looking physiques that enter and exit the ‘Squared Circle’ of professional wrestling are quite the impressive ones.


10 Stories You’ve Never Heard About The Undertaker’s Life Outside The Ring That Prove He’s An Absolute Legend


It's easy to forget just how long The Undertaker has been captivating WWE crowds and scaring the beejesus out of little kids.

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Watch Snoop Dogg ‘Flex’ With Hulk Hogan On ‘Monday Night Raw’


Snoop Doog appeared on tonight's edition of "Monday Night Raw" to promote "Wrestlemania" which is set to go down this weekend.

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Roman Reigns Told Us His Most Painful Moment In The Ring And His Favorite Exercises For Getting Jacked


WWE   Roman Reigns has the weight of the wrestling world on his shoulders this week.


Newest WWE Rookie Makes Arnold Schwarzenegger Look Like A Dwarf In This Photo

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Last week, the WWE signed 26-year-old Australian bodybuilder Chris Atkins to a developmental deal.

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