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WWE Rumors & Reaction: John Cena Dealing With Serious Injuries, Current Status In Doubt

The WWE rumors and reactions post today will dive into the actual beating John Cena might have taken at the […]

Watch WWE Star Cesaro Lift 500 Pounds On His First Ever Attempt At A Sumo Deadlift

You don’t get the nickname “The Swiss Superman” by accident. WWE superstar Cesaro stopped by the Supertraining Gym in Sacramento, […]

John Cena Interrupts Nursing Home Lunchtable That’s Talking About Him — WWE Raw Results

Welcome to another addition of the only WWE Raw results column that dares to ask the question “just how many […]

WWE News: Ryback, Rob Van Dam leaving the company this week

Two major players in the WWE universe might be gone after this week with one wrestler leaving to address some […]

WWE Rumors And Reactions: Officials Already Sick Of New Character

Today in WWE rumors — WWE officials are already over one new character, Paul Heyman remembers how the federation “wanted […]

WWE Smackdown Results: Randy Orton Is Still Sad, Still Wants Roman Reigns

Randy Orton is back from his pity party on Raw and kicks off the WWE Smackdown results with a promo […]

Screw Nursery Rhymes — This 2-Year-Old Rattles Off WWE Entrance Themes Like a Champ

Meet 2-year-old Beckett Sage — a lifelong WWE fan birthed with the amazing ability to match the wrestler with his […]

Brock Lesnar Gets His New Belt And He Probably Should Have Just Gone To Dinner — WWE Raw Recap 8/19

The Sopranos did it constantly. An episode ended with an insane moment that which would shake the ground around Tony’s […]

Summerslam 2014 results — Brock Lesnar walks away with WWE heavyweight championship

The Summerslam 2014 results saw three title changes, a tag team break-up, a lumberjack melee and a main event that […]

This CM Punk-WWE Breakup Video Set to Taylor Swift’s ‘Never Ever Getting Back Together’ Is Great

CM Punk’s contract with the WWE expired and, based off this tweet, it sure doesn’t seem like he has any […]

Today Is Jim Ross’s Last Day In the WWE — Let’s Remember Him with an Amazing Supercut of His Greatest Calls

Today marks the end of an era.

Watch the WWE’s Emotional Tribute To ‘Stone Crusher’ Connor Michalek, the Little Bro Who Passed Of Brian Cancer

This will absolutely wreck you for the rest of the day.

Someone Posted the Script from Monday Night’s “Raw,” Proving WWE Doesn’t Just Happen by Accident

And ... scene.

The WWE’s Emotional Tribute to the Ultimate Warrior on ‘Raw’ Just Might Steal Your Tears


Professional Wrestling Legend, The Ultimate Warrior is Dead at 54-Years-Old

The Ultimate Warrior, collapsed outside a hotel in Arizona and has died at 54-years-old.

Check out the Awesome Murals on This Wrestling Fan’s Childhood Room

Tremendous work, mom.

Former WWE Wrestler Buff Bagwell Is a Professional Gigolo Now

This is 1/3 depressing, 1/3 hilarious, and 1/3 awesome.

Here’s Hulk Hogan’s Triumphant Return to the WWE Last Night

When it comes crashin' down and it hurts inside...EVERYBODY NOW!

Ben Roethlisberger Went to Royal Rumble, Fit Right In

Is anyone surprised that Ben Roethlisberger is a WWE fan? Yeah, we didn't think so. 

These Classic Photos of Andre the Giant Are Mesmerizing

Andre the Giant is a cultural icon. He passed away more than twenty years ago but fans are still enamored with the giant who walked

Ric Flair Is Getting Death Threats From Carolina Panthers Fans

Carolina Panthers fans are none to happy that “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair is giving pep talks and support to another NFC team. Flair is

In Honor of Jim Ross’ Retirement, Here’s 7 Minutes of Him Yelling ‘Oh My God’

Legendary WWE announcer Jim Ross is hanging up his hilarious broadcasting hat after one hell of a run. All told, he lent his excited voice

Sports Anchor Mentions 28 Professional Wrestlers While Delivering the Night’s Sports Highlights

Adam Lefkoe, a sports anchor for WHAS11in Louisville just made one spectacularly done viral video on company time by adding some WWE excitement to his

John Cena’s Elbow is All Fucked Up

This particularly disgusting look is a result of a torn triceps injury that will sideline John Cena four-to-six months. Wrestling may be fake, but it’s

5 Current Trends We’ve Already Seen

Every few years, a new subculture seems to spring up and thousands of adaptable Americans readily turn in their personal identities

Former WWE Star X-Pac In the Hospital For Tearing His Butthole

True story. Apparently it happened while he was doing his signature move, too: The Bronco Buster. 

The Rock Beating CM Punk Is Worse Than Getting Shot in the Eye

77-year-old Tom Dotterer, a liquor store owner in Syracuse, wins Bro of the Week. Last week he was shot in the eye during a robbery. Though

Watch a Fat Dude Throw a Tremendous Fit Over CM Punk’s Loss

Last night's WWE Championship—which was 100% real, and anyone who disagrees is an asshole who probably told all his friends in kindergarten that Santa was

Instead of Watching the Sucky, Boring National Championship, Jon Gruden Went to WWE RAW

Instead of staying home and watching the Alabma cream Notre Dame in a snooze-a-palooza BCS National Championship Game, Jon Gruden went to WWE RAW on Monday

Yes! Yes! Good Guy Daniel Bryan Gets Tapped Out By a Kid with Cancer

Feel good story of the day. 

The WWE Wishes You Happy Holidays As Only the WWE Can

Nothing gets us in the holiday spirit like muscle-bound actors using their not-ready-for-American-Idol singing voices. Who knew that professional wrestlers took the advice of Buddy

Ranking the Best WWE Wrestling Props of All Time

This Sunday marks one of the most highly anticipated pay-per-view events of the WWE calendar year: Survivor Series, live from the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in

OUCH: Amateur Wrestler Almost Breaks His Neck Trying to Flip Off the Top Rope

I know people love to smugly bash wrestling for being "fake" (better choice of words: scripted) and hyperbolic, but that's kind of exactly why people

WWE Superstars Taking Deep Breaths Is the Worst Supercut Ever, So Obviously We Had to Share

Original supercuts are getting harder and harder to create, but instead of giving up the cause and finding a new hobby, the people who make

Jerry Lawler Suffered Heart Attack During Monday Night ‘Raw’ [UPDATE]

Terrifying news for wrestling fans from Monday night's WWE Raw in Montreal. 

The Most Nostalgic WWE Merchandise Of All-Time

Any true Bro grew up loving the WWE (or the WWF as some of us used to know it). We followed the action, emulated the

Nine Minutes of the Best Table Smashing in Pro Westling History

Is there anything better than the pro wrestling table smash? Absolutely not. Here's a perfect a nine-minute long supercut of wrestlers taking on wooden tables—and

Remembering 8 Classic WWE RAW Moments

This evening the WWE will celebrate the 1000th episode of Monday Night RAW, the greatest sports entertainment program in television history. If you're anything like

Sports Links July 16: The Kobe Bryant Retirement Edition

Here's the best from our friends in the sports world today.

6 Things I’ll Never Stop Loving About Professional Wrestling

If you’re like me; young enough to get drunk on a Tuesday but old enough to report to work on Wednesday, then no doubt you