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4’4” Dwarf To Marry His 6’3” Transgender Girlfriend And Unite As Florida’s Happiest Couple


At just 4-foot-4-inches tall, Anton Kraft claims to be the strongest man in the world (proportionately), citing the heaviest benchpress weight for anyone in his weight class.


Florida Man Arrested For Breaking Into Ex-Girlfriend’s House, Pooping Everywhere


You know how there have been times in your life where you'd like to exact some revenge on your ex-girlfriend for whatever things she might have done that led to your breakup.


Woman With ‘Live And Learn’ Tramp Stamp In Jail After Causing Serious Crash And Getting Hit With Sixth DUI


Ye olde 'Practice What You Preach' proverb is one of the most widely used pieces of advice in the world, but it seems one woman in Florida with a 'Live And Learn' tramp stamp didn't heed her own advice, and ended up causing a major accident that landed her in jail with her fourth (known) DUI charge.


You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Driven Around Drunk With A Live Great Horned Owl On Your Lap

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The Great Horned Owl is a federally protected species of bird, as it has faced extreme habitat decline over the years and a subsequent huge decline in numbers of birds.


WTFlorida: The 11 Most Outrageous Florida News Stories Of 2015 (So Far)

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It's been well documented here on BroBible and elsewhere throughout the Internet that Florida is home to the most insane news stories in the world.


Florida Couple Arrested For Having Sex In Front Of Kids Near Playground, And It’s Just Florida Being Florida


A classy couple was arrested in Florida last week after they were spotted having sex in front of a bunch of children playing on a playground, according to Police.

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Tax Payers Billed $23,424 By County Trying To Shut Down My Favorite Strip Club


Every man is most fond of his hometown strip club, and for me that establishment is the Cheetah Lounge in Sarasota, Florida.


A Pilot Drew A Penis On Flight Radar While Flying A Private Plane Because Of Course He Did


We've seen penises drawn on news reports, penises drawn by Nike+ mapping, and penises drawn on football fields in the snow, but this is the first time we've ever seen a penis drawn in the sky on radar by an airplane.


‘Church’ Loses Its Tax-Exempt Status After Being Outed As Nightclub Throwing Naked Paint Parties


A 'church' in Panama City Beach, Florida has lost its tax-exempt status after authorities discovered it to be nothing more than a nightclub throwing naked paint parties and spring break ragers.


Golfer Sticks Approach Shot Next To The Hole, Finds This Big Ass Gator Guarding His Ball

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Earlier this week Dick Huber was hitting the sticks at Myakka Pines Golf Club in Englewood, Florida (Sarasota County) and he stuck his approach shot on #7 right next to the flag.

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Cigar City Is Launching A ‘Florida Man’ Beer But They Put An Indiana Resident On The Label


Cigar City Brewing out of Tampa may in fact be my favorite brewer these days, their Jai Alai is quite possibly my favorite IPA at the moment.

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