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Man Who Got Naked at Walmart Says He ‘Accidentally’ Did Meth In Amazing Interview

I'm not sure how anyone "accidentally" does meth, but this guy says he did...

Here’s a Terrifying Video of a Man Laying on the Tracks and Getting Struck by a NYC Subway

Ugh, scary stuff here. Back in late December, a man who appears to be psychologically distressed ran onto the tracks of the 175th Street

Evil Texting Driver Hits a Bicyclist, Says She Doesn’t Care

Well, it's time to call it a day, Internet. We've finally found the worst person in the world.

US Airways Just Tweeted the Most WTF?! Thing You’ll Ever See on Twitter

Wow. Way to go , US Airways.

Meet the Dumbest ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant In ‘Wheel of Fortune’ History

"You idiot..." -- Every person ever after watching this guy blow his chance at $24,000. How is it even possible to be this bad?

People are Appalled Over this Vine Video of a Little Kid Smoking Weed

The man in the video, however, appears to be beside himself with joy that the child is hitting that blunt like a pro.

What the Hell Is This Guy Doing To This Horse?!?!?!?!

Apparently horse yoga is a new thing all your rich girl friends will be doing this summer. It's, um, the weirdest shit you'll ever watch...

Average Dudes Recreate Paulina Gretzky’s “Golf Digest” Cover


Girl In Bikini Takes Taser Like A Champ For Charity

Very confused by this video, which claims all the weirdos in the room donated $100 to charity to watch this girl in a bikini get

21st Century Breakdown: Teen Stabs Friend 65 Times Over Naked Facebook Photos

Everything about this crime is horrible and none of it would make sense to someone from 2002.

This is a Video of a Car Vent, But You’re Going to Want to See This Car Vent

Not everyone gets to be a unique butterfly. But this car vent, oh, this car vent...it's something special.

Man Gets a Tattoo of a McDonald’s Receipt, Because YOLO

This lovely tattoo belongs to an 18-year-old from Norway. Yes, it's a McDonald's receipt permanently inked on his right arm.

These BroBible Readers Think They Found Kim Jong-un Chillin’ In Cabo San Lucas Last Summer

In my five years of working at BroBible, this is probably the best editorial tip from a reader we've ever received.

The Four Most Ridiculous Sex Machines You Can Buy on Amazon

The reviews for these are absolutely insane, too...

Belgian Newspaper Prints Extremely Racist Picture of President Obama and the First Lady as Monkeys

  President Obama is currently in the middle of a sweeping European tour, most notably kicking Russia out of the [...]

Dude On Reddit Is Telling the World What It’s Like to Have Three Testicles

Reddit seems to be the go-to place to tell the world about genitalia anomalies.

Would You Have Sex with This Hot 28-Year-Old Chick Nicknamed ‘Giraffe Woman’?

Her neck is currently 11-inches long, earning her the nickname "giraffe woman." Would you?

Realtors Have Sex in a Man’s Home, Get Caught On Video

So this is what realtors do when the homeowner isn't around...

Twin Sisters Get the Most Insane Plastic Surgery Ever, Share the Same Boyfriend for Sex


Artist Imagines What Your Favorite Childhood Cartoons Would Look Like as Drug Addicts

Ever wonder what Hey Arnold would look like as a methhead? Or Doug Funnie as a smack junkie? Or whatever the [...]

Man Lures Crocodile Out of Water, Feeds It Using Only His Mouth

According to the YouTube description, this video is about...

Texas Wife Takes Out Ad in Newspaper to Congratulate Her Husband For Being a Piece of Shit

Poor form, Patrick Brown...very poor form. Maybe even the worst.

Things Get Weird When Brother and Sister Arrested for Meth Starting Making Out In Jail

Meth: Never once.

Crazy Russians Built the Craziest Russian Car Ever

What in the actual hell is this nightmare machine? Hopefully Putin isn’t planning on invading Ukraine with a fleet of [...]

EDM ‘Jumping’ Classes Are the New Batshit Crazy Thing Girls Are Doing for Fitness

This terrifies me.

Douchebag Drives to a Soup Kitchen In a Limo, Does a Bong Rip, and Scams Free Food From the Homeless

  I think we can all agree: Fuck this guy for giving the socially-responsible marijuana tokers of the world a [...]

“The Daily Show” Explains Why Russia Produces So Many Insane Videos

In Russia, craziness finds you.

Bro In Dubai Just Driving Down the Road When Suddenly A FREAKIN’ LION Appears In the Backseat of an SUV

Yes, a FREAKIN’ LION just chillin’ in the back of this Nissan Armada. All I can think of is how Dante from Grandma’s [...]

Watch This Guy Pick Up a Vase Worth $1 Million Dollars And Smash It Like ‘No Big Deal’

A Florida artist is facing criminal charges for deliberately smashing a vase by dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. He was [...]

Man Gets Jail Time For Convincing Tattoo Artist To Ink a 15″ Penis On His Buddy

What a dick. A man has been jailed after he encouraged a ‘backyard tattooist’ to draw a 40cm penis on [...]

Kids Hijack Loudspeaker On Belgian Train And Instruct All Jews To “Get Off At Auschwitz To Shower”

Most pranks are funny on some level. This prank isn’t funny on any level. According to reports and firsthand accounts [...]

This Lady’s Nickname Is ‘Cement Face,’ Because Bad Plastic Surgery Made Her Look Like a Cinderblock

Fuckin’ Cement Face. I love it. Feel bad for her, FOR SURE, but hot damn do I like that nickname. [...]

If You Want Your Feet to Sweat, Watch These Two Russian Bros Climb China’s Tallest Skyscraper

I wish I had even close to this much disrespect for death.

Bro Bangs Ugly Old Lady, Posts Video Bragging About It on Facebook

What. The. Fuck. Forget about how he helicopter’d the pink condom to kick things off, I thought that lady was [...]

Guess What Happens When a Sperry-Wearing Frat Bro Eats a Live Garden Snail?

Frat Boy Chet here thinks he’s a big swinging dick who can just easily down a live garden snail. Then, [...]

Explosion of Pizza Dough Inside Recycling Bin Looks Way More Awesome Than It Sounds

Papa John’s is investigating an insane explosion behind one of its location in the UK. Papa John’s in the UK? [...]

Is This the Worst Cheapshot In Sports History?

Has to be, right? I mean it’s bad enough knocking the guy down. But running across the field to kick [...]

Pittsburgh Restaurant Pretending To Be a Burger King — Isn’t That Treason?

All that glitters isn’t gold and all that pretends to be fast food isn’t the real deal. Especially this shady [...]

This Is What Happens When You Forget An Apostrophe

We’re not for or against car decals. We understand the idea and it’s your car so you can do whatever [...]

Guess What Happens When You Chug a Bottle of Whiskey In Under 5 Minutes? Just Guess

A man from Nepal made a bet with friend that he could chug an entire bottle of whiskey. At stake? [...]