sex robot

Would You Bang This 3D Printed Futuristic Sex Robot?


Cesar Vonc is a 3D artist from France who's submitted a futuristic sex robot for competition in a 2014 robotics contest.


Lance Armstrong, The World’s Biggest Cheater, Says He’d Be ‘Heartbroken’ If He Ever Got Caught Cheating In Golf


Lance Armstrong might be a disgraced cyclist but he's still a world champion asshole.

people are stupid

Two Idiots Were Locked In A Car For 13 HOURS When All They Had To Do Was, You Know, Unlock It


Two people, two grownass adults, accidentally locked themselves in a keyless car and ALMOST DIED after spending 13 hours trying to figure out how to get out of the car.


9 Out Of 10 House Keepers Recommend This Chick’s Sucking Power Over A Shop-Vac


In the game of suction power, one woman reigns supreme over all the vacuums on the market.


UPenn Fraternity That Sent Out Beyonce Sex Doll Xmas Card Was Suspended And That’s Absolute Bullshit

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Earlier this week, a Christmas card created by Phi Delta Theta at UPenn surfaced online showing the entire house posing with a Beyonce blow up doll.


This Promo For Putin’s Press Conference Is Proof The Russian Media Is Freebasing Blue Meth


It's almost as if Russian has tracked down the Russian version of Michael Bay to produce this propaganda promo for a Vladimir Putin press conference.

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