Video Shows Florida State Frat Member Biting The Head Off A Hamster On Spring Break, PETA Is Buggin’ Out


Warning: Unless you want to see an Florida State University frat member bite the head off of a live hamster, you should turn away now.


This Sign Is Hanging Above The Urinal At Wrestlemania And I’m Absolutely Confused


So I'm at Wrestlemania, covering it live, and I stop to make pee pee and this sign catches my attention.

crazy stories

This Bro Drank So Much Soda As A Kid That His Veins Collapsed


Here's a little cautionary tale before you have that afternoon Diet Coke.

crazy people

This Guy’s INSANE Wife Chopped Off His Dick And Screamed ‘If I Can’t Have You, Nobody Will’

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Has anyone else noticed that the stories involving chopping off dicks come from China.


University Drama Teacher Intentionally Showed Her Class A Video Of Her Inserting Objects Into Her Vagina


To artsy folk, showing your drama class a film that includes you violating yourself with "plastic Bambi figurine" is fair play, because it's art.


Watch 10,000-Pounds Of Live Catfish Spilling Into The Streets Of China


It's not every day that you get to see 10,000-pounds of live catfish accidentally dumped into city streets.

craigslist missed connections

This ‘You Threw Up In My Vagina’ Craigslist Missed Connection Is Romance In Its Truest Form


If this Craigslist Missed Connection entitled "You threw up in my vagina" is real it might be the greatest Craigslist Missed Connection ad I have ever seen.


This Guy Got Shot And Decided To Take A Selfie Rather Than Go To The Hospital

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Isaac Martinez is a shining inspiration to those of us who care so much about social media that we forgo all thoughts of personal wellbeing in search of getting just one more “like” or “retweet” from a random person on the Internet.


Adorable Baby Elephant Pooping In The Bubble Bath Is A Roller Coaster Of Emotion


There's only so many feels a man can feel in one video, and I'm pretty sure throughout the course of this video where a baby elephant adorably takes a bubblebath but then proceeds to drop fibrous logs in it, I felt everything I can feel.

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