Advocacy Group Hopes These Adorable Rolling Papers Will Prevent People From Smoking And Driving


Being zero steps closer to solving the issue of drinking and driving, advocates have turned their attention to another "danger" and I'm only putting that in quotes because drinking and driving is a real concern but this.


This Woman Has Spent Over $144,000 To Look Like A Caricature And Oh Man It’s Not Good


For reference, here is a dumpster: Now for even more reference, here’s Krystina Butel: // <.


This Girl With A 32E Bra Size Claims To Be The New ‘Human Barbie’ And Hasn’t Had ANY Plastic Surgery

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A photo posted by Angelika Kenova (@barbiekenova) on Mar 27, 2015 at 12:01pm PDT   Now when I say that Angelica Kenova hasn’t had ANY plastic surgery, I mean “hasn’t had ANY plastic surgery.


A Kenyan Man Is Offering President Obama 50 Cows, 70 Sheep, And 30 Goats To Marry His Daughter

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A city lawyer in Kenya has made it his life's goal to marry one of President Barack Obama's daughters.


This ‘Artist’ Is Stealing Other People’s Instagram Photos And Selling Them For $100K A Piece


Richard Prince, an "artist", has blown up a bunch of Instagram photos and put them on display in New York.


‘Beer Yoga’ Is A Thing That Now Exists, And It’s Just Unseated Rollerblading As The Lamest Form Of Exercise


Trying to piggy back off the coolness of beer, yoga is trying to reach an audience of dudes like yourself, dudes who don't want to be reached by yoga.

holley mangold

Dude Gets Flattened Like A Pancake Trying To Tackle Holley Mangold


There's no real context here on why this blogger was at a wedding with Holley Mangold, or why they were playing drunk football at that wedding, but who needs context with a clip like that.

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