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This Restaurant Commercial Has Me 100% Convinced I’ll Get The Black Plague If I Ever Eat There

0/10 would not eat there.

Throwing Boiling Water on Your Boyfriend’s Penis is Never the Appropriate Retaliation for Him Cheating On You

Stop it.

This Russian Motorcycle Crash Has the Most INSANE Ending Ever

I don't... I can't... I just...

Dude at a Bar Gets His Dick Caught In His Zipper, Bar Owner Videotapes It and Uploads it To Facebook

Nope and nope. Just nope.

Man at Lollapalooza Bitten By a Person Presumably Rolling Their Face Off on Bath Salts

Another zombie-esque incident happened this past weekend.

This College Bro Was Approached by Porn Director While on Vacation, Promptly Became a Porn Star

"Thumbs up for porn!" is the message I assume he is trying to covey with this photo.

This Is the Best Way to Guarantee That Your Daughters WILL Become Strippers

"Mommy, why are you thrusting your crotch at me?"

Would You Stop Having a Threesome in a Hot Tub If The Cops Showed Up? These Three Sexual Mavericks Didn’t

Let me preface this by saying, this did not happen in Florida...although we all know it probably should have.

Worst Mom Ever Leaves Kids in the Car to Blow a Man in a Wal-Mart Parking Lot

As a smug elitist proudly from above the Mason-Dixion Line, I love it when Southerners try to tell me why the South is so damn

Dude Jumps Off 5-Story Building Into Pool Below and Lives (This Time)

What do you think his end game is here? Internet fame? Street cred? His father's love?

A News Station Chose to Use This Photo During Report About a Teen Who Fell To His Death

Poor choice.

Woman Goes to Hospital in Severe Pain. You Might Too If You Left a Dildo Inside Yourself For 10 Fucking Years

Whether you like it or not, "I was drunk" is always an excuse.

Dallas Stars’ Tyler Seguin Allowed Someone to Hit a Tee Shot Off on His Crotch

No. Nope. Never. Not on my crotch, babaaaaaaay.

The Terrifying Story About the Time a Man Superglued His Hand to His Penis

Don't you just hate it when a tube of lube is really a tube of superglue?

The 10 Craziest Workout Videos on the Internet

The Internet is truly a treasure trove of WTF, especially when it comes to VHS-era workout videos.

Does This Lady REALLY Have a Tinder Profile Pic From a Child’s Burial?

She a "fun, LDS girl who loves country music, country dancing, sports, the outdoors, and my family. If you want to know more, then make

1970′s Book ‘How to Pick Up Girls’ Goes From Zero to Rape on the Very First Page

The 70s truly were a wild time.

This Nightmare of a Customer Service Call Is a Prime Example of Why Comcast BLOWS

My blood is boiling and this didn't even happen to me, so that's how you know it's good.

Lonely Guy Turns Shower Head Into the Creepiest Girlfriend Ever

If Norman Bates was a lonely Redditor, this is probably it.

This Girl Spent $30,000 to Look Like Kim Kardashian

Terrifying. Absolutely terrifying.

The Most Disgusting Woman in the World Does the Most Disgusting Thing Imaginable in a Store Aisle

Sometimes it can't wait.

Dude Drinks a Gallon of Honey While His Entire Face is Covered in Bees

Terrible ideas make for great Internet.

Nothing Will Make You Question Humanity More Than These Deluded Chicks Working As ‘Professional Mermaids’

"No matter what the government says, mermaids are real!"

Politician Offers $100,000 For Anyone with Nudes of Texas Tech Cheerleader/Hunter Kendall Jones

Well this is a great way to torpedo your political career...

Man on Bathroom Break Finds a Venomous Snake in the Toilet Bowl

This is really a story about how you should never wait to the last possible moment to take a shit.

Woman High on Drugs Freaks Out When She Looks Down and Realizes She’s Fat

Is it possible for something like this to be both sad and funny?

The Gold iPhone Case With Vladimir Putin’s Face That You Never Knew You Needed is Here

Your long wait of zero days, zero hours, zero minutes and zero seconds is finally OVER!

Feast Your Eyes on the Mug Shot of a Lady Who Stabbed Her Husband For Pissing on the Bathroom Floor

To be fair, she warned him.

Look at this Guy Who Calmly Walked Into a NYC McDonald’s With a Knife Sticking Out of His Back. No, Seriously

For the record: this is not how I would react.

Man On Drugs Plays Bumper Cars with His Mercedes Benz, Hits Six Cars, Two Houses, and One Person

Meth: Never once. Never even once.

The ‘Today Show’ Made Matt Lauer Wear a Short Suit and It Was Weird

Why did they do this to him?

If You Needed a Reason Why You Shouldn’t Hit Your Friends In the Nuts for Fun, Let This Be It

Guys have been rocking other dudes in the ballbag since the advent of time.

So… ‘The Sex Lube Olympics’ Happened (Pics)

As the Huffington Post notes, it looked "long and hard." Stay you, Japan.

Man Arrested for the THIRD Time (!!!!) for Having Sex with a Pool Raft

Once he hit it, he just couldn't quit it.

We’ve Found One of the Worst Ways for a Threesome to End

Maybe find a better place to park next time?

I Can’t Stop Watching This Impossible Pole Vaulting-Gymnastics Routine


Florida Woman With Most Florida Name EVER Arrested for Shooting a Fucking Missile at a Car

Look at that name. Just look at it. It's almost too good to be true. Hell, it IS too good to be true.

Cop Caught Taping Men Pooping Using a Secret Toilet Cam

And this is why I don't take dumps in public, ladies and gentlemen. Just kidding, I'm a girl so I don't actually poop.

This Is What Happens When You Shove a Vibrator In a Dog’s Face

Hope that thing is dishwasher safe.

The Incredibly Painful Story of a Man’s Balls Getting Stuck In a Beach Chair After a Swim

Best. Shrinkage. Story. Ever.