zach anglin

Amazing High School Wrestler Zach Anglin, Born Without Hands Or Feet, Shines At Wisconsin State Meet


Bayfield wrestler Zach Anglin stole the show at Wisconsin's state wrestling meet by finishing sixth in his division.


This RKO Outta Nowhere T-Shirt Is My New Favorite Thing Today


Is it possible that the RKO outta nowhere is becoming more popular than Randy Orton or any other WWE superstar.


‘My Mommy Wants You To Be My New Daddy’ And Other Crazy Things Said To Me By Wrestling Groupies


Pro wrestlers are overgrown, immature, mildly masochistic people on a quest to bring credibility to the most ridiculous of situations.

riff raff

Watch Hulk Hogan Announce That He Is Training Riff Raff To Become WWE Wrestler


When we last left rapper Riff Raff, he was giving up cocaine and molly.

wrestling news

Young Autistic Girl Gets Asked To Prom By Her Favorite Wrestler And I Was Hoping This Had A Different Ending


Here's the backstory regarding young Amanda and her favorite wrestler, independent wrestler and heartthrob, Ace Perry.


11 Reasons Ric Flair Is ‘The Man’ — None Of Which Have To Do With Wrestling


Ric Flair has been a headlining name in professional wrestling for almost forty years.

reality tv

New Reality Show Mixes Professional Wrestling And Stone Cold…Dead People?


Man, would I love to have been in on this pitch meeting to networks.


12 Most Shocking Crimes Committed By Professional Wrestlers


Just like any other sport, professional wrestling has pressures.

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