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Watch This Backyard Wrestler Flip His Opponent Off Roof And Thru Four Tables For Zero Pay

It’s because of guys like CM Punk and Seth Rollins that backyard wrestling is still a thing. Those guys both […]

WWE Rumors And Reactions: Officials Already Sick Of New Character

Today in WWE rumors — WWE officials are already over one new character, Paul Heyman remembers how the federation “wanted […]

Today Is Jim Ross’s Last Day In the WWE — Let’s Remember Him with an Amazing Supercut of His Greatest Calls

Today marks the end of an era.

Vince McMahon Lost $350 Million in a 24-Hour Period

Coffee burned your tongue?

Josh Reddick Dressed Up as the Ultimate Warrior for an Interview


The Pittsburgh Pirates Have Adopted Daniel Bryan’s “Yes” Chant

They are family?

Someone Posted the Script from Monday Night’s “Raw,” Proving WWE Doesn’t Just Happen by Accident

And ... scene.

Professional Wrestling Legend, The Ultimate Warrior is Dead at 54-Years-Old

The Ultimate Warrior, collapsed outside a hotel in Arizona and has died at 54-years-old.

Check out the Awesome Murals on This Wrestling Fan’s Childhood Room

Tremendous work, mom.

You Will Not Believe How This Grappling Match Ended

Wrestling dudes who might blow their beefy asshole gas directly into your mouth is no way to go through life.

This Japanese Pro Wrestler’s Entrance Is a True Work of Art

Kazuchika Okada’s intro in Japan Pro Wrestling features fireworks and smoke and A DINOSAUR. It’s amazing. Okada just put everyone […]

Batista Winning the Royal Rumble Caused this Guy to LOSE HIS SHIT

I haven’t gotten exited about wresting since the Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan met in Wrestle Mania and produced not only a riveting title match,

Michigan State’s ‘Yes’ Chant Was Incredible

Michigan State offensive lineman Travis Jackson is an evangelistic fan of WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan. His habit of recreating Bryan's signature "Yes" dance thrust him onto

Do Not, Do Not, DO NOT Watch This Botched Wrestling Move


Watch Every Undertaker Tombstone Ever, Because… It’s Every Tombstone Ever

The Tombstone piledriver is the Undertaker's signature move. And over the course of 30 years, it's been used on just about every notable wrestler to

Oh, Just a Russian Child Wrestling a Bear While ‘Candy Shop’ Plays

This Russian video has EVERYTHING: Tracksuits, a child in danger, techno remixes of decade-old American songs, a bear. The Svedka must just out of view. And let's pretend

‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper On the State of Modern Wrestling, Plus What He Would Do for a Klondike Bar

When "Rowdy" Roddy Piper's fans asked him what he'd do for a Klondike bar, he knew he'd have to roll his kilt up. In true Piper's Pit fashion, the wrestling legend ended up kicking

In Honor of Jim Ross’ Retirement, Here’s 7 Minutes of Him Yelling ‘Oh My God’

Legendary WWE announcer Jim Ross is hanging up his hilarious broadcasting hat after one hell of a run. All told, he lent his excited voice

John Cena’s Elbow is All Fucked Up

This particularly disgusting look is a result of a torn triceps injury that will sideline John Cena four-to-six months. Wrestling may be fake, but it’s

Arizona Diamondbacks Unveil New Mascot—A Professional Wrestler

Many people have long lamented the lack of professional wrestlers serving as mascots for Major League Baseball teams. And by many people I mean no

Drew Rosenhaus Wrestled a Shark, Lived to Brag About It

Agent to the stars Drew Rosenhaus wrestled a shark. Good people everywhere were pulling for the shark, but alas, ol’ NEXT QUESTION escaped without injury.

D-Generation X ‘Suck It!’ Is Slowly Taking Over Baseball

Yesterday, the Phillies almost blew a 7-1 lead over the Mets—that is, until Kevin Frandsen knocked a walk-off homerun into the Citizens Bank seats. (#lolmets.)

Hulk Hogan Does the Weather

I really want Hulk Hogan to make a comeback, but I'm not really sure that's ever going to happen after watching his weather performance. Hulk...

Watch a Video of the Wrestling Move that Ripped X-Pac’s Butthole

Super important follow-up to the cringe-worthy story from yesterday about X-Pac ripping his anus while wrestling. There's video now!

The Rock Beating CM Punk Is Worse Than Getting Shot in the Eye

77-year-old Tom Dotterer, a liquor store owner in Syracuse, wins Bro of the Week. Last week he was shot in the eye during a robbery. Though

Instead of Watching the Sucky, Boring National Championship, Jon Gruden Went to WWE RAW

Instead of staying home and watching the Alabma cream Notre Dame in a snooze-a-palooza BCS National Championship Game, Jon Gruden went to WWE RAW on Monday

Yes! Yes! Good Guy Daniel Bryan Gets Tapped Out By a Kid with Cancer

Feel good story of the day. 

The WWE Wishes You Happy Holidays As Only the WWE Can

Nothing gets us in the holiday spirit like muscle-bound actors using their not-ready-for-American-Idol singing voices. Who knew that professional wrestlers took the advice of Buddy

Ranking the Best WWE Wrestling Props of All Time

This Sunday marks one of the most highly anticipated pay-per-view events of the WWE calendar year: Survivor Series, live from the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in

OUCH: Amateur Wrestler Almost Breaks His Neck Trying to Flip Off the Top Rope

I know people love to smugly bash wrestling for being "fake" (better choice of words: scripted) and hyperbolic, but that's kind of exactly why people

WWE Superstars Taking Deep Breaths Is the Worst Supercut Ever, So Obviously We Had to Share

Original supercuts are getting harder and harder to create, but instead of giving up the cause and finding a new hobby, the people who make

Hulk Hogan is Upset You Watched His Sex Tape

If only sadness were a T-shirt. Hulk Hogan could just rip the pain away.

CM Punk Attacked and Punched a Fan During Last Night’s ‘WWE Raw’

I don't watch wrestling but I know enough of it to be skeptical as to whether or not this fan assault was contrived and part

A Nine-Minute Supercut of Stone Cold Steve Austin Saying ‘What’

There's something strangely hypnotic about this video. It's Stone Cold more or less saying one word for nine straight minutes, but you begin to notice

Jerry Lawler Suffered Heart Attack During Monday Night ‘Raw’ [UPDATE]

Terrifying news for wrestling fans from Monday night's WWE Raw in Montreal. 

The Most Nostalgic WWE Merchandise Of All-Time

Any true Bro grew up loving the WWE (or the WWF as some of us used to know it). We followed the action, emulated the

Remembering 8 Classic WWE RAW Moments

This evening the WWE will celebrate the 1000th episode of Monday Night RAW, the greatest sports entertainment program in television history. If you're anything like

Sports Links July 16: The Kobe Bryant Retirement Edition

Here's the best from our friends in the sports world today.

Presenting a Horrific Wrestling Injury, If You’re Into That Kind of Thing

I am definitely not the type of person who wants to watch horrific injuries, but I realize that some of you just love

WWE Champion CM Punk Lays a Viral Smackdown on Chris Brown

CM Punk just became most of the rationale world's hero with this video.