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Bro Who Beat Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in Wrestling Releases Video of the Match Set to ‘America F*ck Yeah!’

So yeah, this was made. Feelings in the comments on YouTube are mixed to say the least. Some people are loving it, others think it

WTF?! Gigantic Light Falls From the Ceiling and Hits a High School Wrestler Mid-Match

Getting crushed by a light during competition has to be number two on a parent's list of fears -- behind getting molested by a Sandusky-type

OUCH: Amateur Wrestler Almost Breaks His Neck Trying to Flip Off the Top Rope

I know people love to smugly bash wrestling for being "fake" (better choice of words: scripted) and hyperbolic, but that's kind of exactly why people

Watch Greco-Roman Junior Wrestler Ellis Coleman Deliver an Amazing ‘Flying Squirrel’ Suplex

Only once in a blue moon do we excited about a wrestling move that doesn't involved chairs, pedigreeing someone through tables, or an