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You Will Never Hear Anything Dumber Than This Girl in a Bikini Talking About Sports

"I don't care if Mexico beats the Spurs..."

Rogelio Chavez Scored a Goal That Will Make You Pull Over to the Side of the Road and Compose Yourself Before Continuing

From way downtown.

Cincinnati Bengals’ George Iloka Grabbed the Luckiest Interception Ever

Professional football players spend an inordinate amount of their time either practicing, lifting weights or breaking down film. All of those activities seem to be

Bet You Didn’t Plan on Watching a Dude Park a Backhoe Today

A man’s worth is solely determined by how well he operates machinery. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. By that standard, this fella is the

John Isner’s Grandfather Wears Tennis Player’s ‘Body Issue’ Photo on a T-Shirt for Some Reason

Nice shirt, old man.

Tara Reid Tries to Define ‘Whale Shark,’ Makes a Complete Fool Out of Herself

Tara Reid was the highlight of Tuesday night's Shark Week programming, topping off Discovery's Shark After Dark talk show with one of the dumbest rambles about "whale

Oregon’s New Uniforms May Cause Blindness

As we’ve said many times before, no one does uniforms better than Oregon football. It’s fitting, since they were the ones to lob the first

Miss Utah Gives the Greatest Answer to a Beauty Pageant Question Ever

At Sunday night's Miss USA pageant, Miss Utah was asked about male-female income disparity in the United States. Her answer was contrived, faux erudite, and

Tret Is a Dog That Does Parkour

I was barely able to train my dog to give me her paw and to not sh*t on the carpet, and this guy trained his

‘Thailand’s Got Talent’ Contestant Shows Off Amazing Talent of Painting With Bare Breasts

Uh, this is a thing that happened.   Duangjai Jansaunoi was a contestant on “Thailand’s Got Talent.” Her talent was painting with her body, most namely