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Wanna Freak Out? Here’s A List Of 5 Essential Things The World Is Running Out Of

At least we have television?

Dennis Rodman Was Hammered When He Blew Up on CNN

A day after going bizarro Marilyn Monroe and singing "Happy Birthday" to his new biffle Kim Jong Un, Dennis Rodman apologized for his most recent interaction with

Kim Jong Un, BFF of Dennis Rodman, Executed His Uncle By Feeding Him Alive to Starving Dogs

Last month, Kim Jong Un executed his uncle. According to a Chinese newspaper with close ties to the Communist party, it was far more grisly and

Rob Ford’s Middle School Picture is Vintage Rob Ford

Red face, high BMI, a grin that says, "me and this dude right below me just synchronized our farts. EPICCCCC." The only way this photo could

Chinese Girl Gets Swallowed By Sink Hole, Cab Driver Saves Her Life

A girl in China was minding her own business, walking down the street, and chatting on her cell phone. She wasn’t hurting anybody.

Waiter Spills Beer All Over German Chancellor Angela Merkel

The first inclination here is to blame the waiter for dumping beer on his country’s leader. After all, that’s really not something a

Hey, Want To See A 40-Foot Whale Shark?

A 40-foot long whale shark was discovered near Larachi, Pakistan in the Arabian Sea. It took at least five cranes to reel in