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Looking to Join a Premier League Team’s Bandwagon? Here’s a Handy Guide

Hop aboard.

This Seemingly Pro-Argentina Cake Is Hiding a Dark Secret

Was it over when the Germans hid under the frosting?

Germany’s World Cup Trophy Reveal Was Pretty Boss

Seven nation army.

David Hasselhoff’s Reaction to Germany Winning the World Cup Did Not Disappoint

He can't fight this feeling.

Here Are the Best Moments of the World Cup, Animated for Your Enjoyment

Solid work right here.

LeBron James Captured A Video Of The World Cup Streaker And Threw It Up On Instagram

If I hear ANYTHING ELSE about LeBron James this week....

Average Joe Wins World Cup of Sitting Next to Disrobing German Babes


Germany Celebrated Winning the World Cup by Hanging With Rihanna

Goals and cleats excite her.

The 10 Best Flops of the 2014 World Cup

Almost too many to rank, really.

Who Needs Stoppage Time? North Korea Already Won the World Cup (According to North Korea)

They're good.

Here’s the Vicious Knee Kick That Earned Benedikt Höwedes a Yellow Card

Could have been a red.

The 2014 World Cup Trophy Presentation Will Be Pretty Sexy

It is Brazil, after all.

Someone Erased All The Brazil Players Out Of The Brazil V. Germany World Cup Match…And The Game Plays The Same

Just adding some insult to injury over here.

Mario Balotelli Aims a Gun at Haters, Somehow Gets Attention

This will get your attention.

What If If Sex Was Like The World Cup?

It's all about flopping.

Argentina’s Javier Mascherano Tore His Anus Yesterday and You Watched it Happen

Ouch, babe.

If You Think Flopping In Soccer Is Ridiculous, Wait Until You Watch This Video Of What It’d Look Like In Real Life

Lookin' stupid in public > lookin' stupid in soccer.

That Belgian Fan Who Got A Modeling Contract From Cheering In The Stands? Yeah, She Kills African Animals Too

It must be a hot girl thing.

Can You Guys Believe The Pope Made It Out to the Argentina-Netherlands Match?

How'd he get tickets?

Brazilian Captain David Luiz Wept Through His Entire Post-Match Interview

And here come the waterworks.

Here’s All Five Of Germany’s First-Half Goals In A Six Second Video

Sucks to suck.

People on Twitter Are Already Comparing Brazil-Germany to the Holocaust (Updating)


Germany Refuses to Stop Murdering Brazil and It’s Ugly

Sweet mother of God.

Thomas Müller Scored for Germany Because Brazil Left Him Wide Open

Bad defense.

Argentine Fans Celebrate Neymar’s Injury With a Replica of His Spine, Are Really Weird

Dick move, Bros.

What If The World Cup Was ‘Game of Thrones’ Themed And We Actually Got To Use These Badass Banners?

Nothing escapes 'Game of Thrones'-ification.

I Can’t Stop Watching This GIF of Tim Howard’s 16 Saves Against Belgium

It's like a magic eye.

Tim Howard Makes One Last Fantastic Block… On a Super Exuberant Fan

Super exciting soccer fan attempts to hug USMNT star goalie Tim Howard, but he's not having it.

Costa Rica Goalie Keylor Navas Practices By Saving Tennis Balls

Cross-sport integration.

Top FIFA Official Shocked at the Amount of Drunkenness at the World Cup


Here Are Pictures Of All the Things Tim Howard Could Save, Including The Ned Stark And Mufasa

Seriously, he needs to be in the next "Avengers" movie.

Jimmy Kimmel Got a Bunch of Idiots to Talk About Their Favorite Landon Donovan World Cup Moment

So many pants on so much fire.

Someone Unearthed U.S. Goalie Tim Howard’s High School Yearbook Quote, It’s Obviously Fantastic

As yearbook quotes go, this one is prettay, prettay good.

Tim Howard Is an American Hero and His Post-Game Interview with ESPN Will Break Your Heart

Tim Howard battled his heart out against Belgium, earning nothing but respect from the world at large.

This White House Tweet About USA vs. Belgium Is What the USA Is All About, Dammit

So beautiful I could cry.

Jonny Gomes Took Batting Practice Wearing an Obscene Amount of USA Gear

We're all in.

Finally, a Mad Chill USA vs. Belgium Hype Video You Can Smoke Weed To

How about one last hype video until we DO THIS....

Lionel Messi Lionel Messi-ed Argentina into the World Cup Quarterfinals

For nearly two hours of play, Argentina and Switzerland struggled to create realistic scoring chances. Lionel Messi, the best player […]

Here’s Argentina Forward Rodrigo Palacio’s Rat Tail Swinging in Glorious Slow-Motion

Look at this thing.

Josip Drmic and the Swiss Had a Chance to Invade Argentina’s Goal, But Stayed Neutral