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ESPN’s New 2014 World Cup Ad Is American as FUCK

Oh hell yes.

The 2014 Official World Cup Anthem Is Here and Is Heavy on the Pitbull

It's almost soccer time!

The U.S. World Cup Away Kit Bleeds America


These World Cup Jersey Redesigns Are Sick

Today marks just 100 days until the 2014 World Cup gets underway in Brazil, with the host country taking on [...]

Here Are the United States World Cup Jerseys

Business casual.

‘MERICA: The United States Qualified for the World Cup By Beating Mexico

If you’re wondering why everyone was rioting in the streets singing patriotic songs and bleeding freedom overnight, it’s because the United States assured itself a

Why I’m Not Going to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil

Editor's Note: In case you haven't glimpsed at a newspaper in the last few days, Brazil was practically shut down over the weekend from massive

Important! Brazilian Hookers Are Learning English Before the 2014 World Cup

You have to show some respect to the Rio streetwalkers—they're working hard for their money. I'm not sure we would expect America's women of the

Watch Hope Solo Get Ass Slapped Superfluously After the U.S. Loss in the World Cup

I don't know who benefited from that comforting gesture more, Hope or the guy who took three swipes at her ass. After he

Watch Abby Wambach Give Team USA a 2-1 Lead in Extra Time

Alex Morgan with the assist, Abby Wambach sinking one in the onion bag with some killer head. Could this be the game winner?

Watch This Kid Celebrate Alex Morgan’s Goal for Team USA by Flashing the Camera

We know American spirt when we see it. 1-1. Extra time. We're biting our nails over here....

Cute Swedish Soccer Player Josefine Öqvist Swaps Jersey with Fan at Women’s World Cup

After beating North Korea 1-0 on Saturday, Swedish soccer player Josefine Oqvist gave a rather enthusastic fan a rather personal souvenir. We don't

The Most Distraught Equatorial Guinea Women’s World Cup Soccer Fan You’ll See Today

Dude. It's the women's World Cup. And you're rooting for Equatorial Guinea. What did you really expect to happen?

World Cup-Inspired Octopus Design Wins Liquid Flow Short Design Contest

Over the last few weeks, our design team reviewed more than 300 submissions to Liquid Flow's first-ever Short Design Contest,