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Pornhub Asks Users to Stop Uploading Brazil v. Germany Game Highlights To Its Public Humiliation Category

To be fair, Brazilians are extremely hot.

Tim Howard Is an American Hero and His Post-Game Interview with ESPN Will Break Your Heart

Tim Howard battled his heart out against Belgium, earning nothing but respect from the world at large.

This White House Tweet About USA vs. Belgium Is What the USA Is All About, Dammit

So beautiful I could cry.

Finally, a Mad Chill USA vs. Belgium Hype Video You Can Smoke Weed To

How about one last hype video until we DO THIS....

Budweiser’s Hype Video for USA vs Belgium Has Fighter Jets, Muscle Cars, American Flags, and Clydesdales


This Brazilian Guy Allegedly Farted Near Neymar’s Girlfriend During Brazil Game

She is not amused.

This GoPro Video of ‘USA’ and ‘I BELIEVE THAT WE CAN WIN’ Chants at a Bar Will Get You AMPED TO BEAT BELGIUM

I don't think I'm going to sleep tonight I'm so damn excited.

This USA vs. Belgium Hype Video Will Get You Stoked to KO the Knockout Round

Tuesday can't get here soon enough.

Landon Donovan Admits to Rooting Against U.S. Men’s Team Before the 2014 World Cup

The main storyline going into the World Cup for the U.S. Men's Team was easily the exclusion of superstar forward Landon Donovan.

Here Is Gisele Bündchen Celebrating the Moment Brazil Beat Chile In the World Cup

Brady... Where's your Brazil jersey, Bro?

Here’s the Bullshit Flop By The Netherlands That Eliminated Mexico from the World Cup

Can someone give Arjen Robben the Oscar please?

Giovani Dos Santos Scored a Breathtaking Goal for Mexico, Causing Miguel Herrera To Lose It

First, in three-man coverage, Giovani Dos Santos snipped beautiful goal to give Mexico the lead against The Netherlands, 1-0.

OMG: We Are In Love With This HOT Belgian Girl at the World Cup

Once again, brilliant work by the World Cup cameramen.

The ‘I Believe That We Will Win’ EDM Trap Remix You’ve All Been Waiting For

About time someone made this.

American Fans in Brazil Chanted ‘USA!’ Outside the German Team’s Hotel All Night Until the Cops Came

Fingers crossed this strategy works...

This USA-Germany Hype Video Will Get You AMPED To BEAT GERMANY

This hype video for today’s game against Germany seriously almost brought a tear to my eye. The last two weeks […]

You Can’t Not Watch ‘The Wiggles’ Remix Of Luis Suarez Biting People

Because why the fuck not.

Brazilian Girls Are Sticking Pics of the Brazil Soccer Team on Their Butts and Shakin’ It

Not going to lie... I wish they did things like this on American TV.

The 20 Hottest Soccer Reporters In the World

Bros... There's a reason it's called "the beautiful game."

STOP EVERYTHING: This Mexican Girl at the World Cup Is MUY FUEGO

The World Cup keeps getting better and better and better.

Hey Twitter: Chill with the ‘Ronaldo Cut His Hair to Match a Kid’s Scar from Cancer’ B.S.

Yesterday afternoon during the USA vs. Portugal match, jokes flew fast and hard about Ronaldo's douche-looking haircut.

Lolo Jones Just Perfectly Summed Up USA vs. Portugal on Instagram

Soccer! is an emotional rollercoaster like no other.

Here’s Is Cristiano Ronaldo Driving a Dagger Into the Heart of America

I can’t even really speak right now. Fucking soccer. 30 seconds left and Portugal just threw a dagger in the […]

ESPN Reporter Continues Report Despite Two MASSIVE Cicadas Crawling All Over Him

Brazil is a hell of country.

WHO DID IT BETTER? Ghana’s Celebration Shuffle or Klose’s Front-flip Fail?

Germany vs. Ghana has been nothing but fireworks this afternoon.

Messi’s Game-Winning Goal for Argentina Against Iran Was BEAUTIFUL

Messi just doing what he does best, getting it done by sniping like an assassin in stoppage time against Iran.

Here’s an English Soccer Fan Getting a Hot Brazilian Girl’s Digits on Live TV

Spotted by the Internet this past Saturday:

A LOT Of Soccer Players at the World Cup Aren’t Allowed to Have Sex

Well this sucks...

These Patriotic World Cup Reaction Videos from Around the USA Make Me Cry Bald Eagles Tears of Joy

y. Each and every single one of these videos gives me chills and makes me cry red, white, and blue bald eagle tears.

This Is the Moment John Brooks Became an American Sports Hero By Helping the U.S. Men’s Team Beat Ghana

BEAUTIFUL.... Absolutely beautiful.

Alex Morgan Celebrates Clint Dempsey’s Goal In the Most Adorable Way Ever

Alex Morgan is pretty much the perfect wifey.

WATCH: Clint Dempsey Score One of the Fastest Goals In World Cup History for AMERICA!


Hot Portugal Fan Dancing With the Flag at the World Cup Is Hot

The cameramen at this Germany-Portugal game are really doing The Lord's work this afternoon.

College Bros Make Super Fratty U.S. Men’s Team World Cup Hype Video

We're so ready to do this.

HOLY HOT: Mario Balotelli’s Fiancee Fanny Neguesha Is Our Latest World Cup Instagram Obsession

Bros... World Cup 2014 WAG watch is in full-swing.

GIF: Daniel Sturridge’s Duck Face Celebration Dance Is Awesome

Men, this is the only time "duck face" is acceptable:

This Hot Australian Mom at the World Cup Is Your New World Cup Obsession

Anyone else catch this girl on ESPN a couple minutes ago? Australia vs. Chile.

Here Is How the Netherlands Embarrassed Spain Once and For All

I can't even imagine how much Amsterdam is going off right now. 

The Hottest Countries at the 2014 World Cup

The World Cup is awesome.

Gabriella Lenzi NOT Neymar Jr.’s Girlfriend, But Your First Instagram Obsession of the World Cup

Brazilian girls. There's nothing like them.