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Here’s Dwayne Johnson’s Back Workout From His ‘Hercules’ Preparation

Over the next few weeks, the marketing geniuses behind Hercules will be releasing Dwayne Johnson's entire Hercules workout and diet plan.

Badass Grandpa’s Workout is Way More Extreme Than Yours

This dude is 64-years-old and claims he didn’t start working out until he was 55. Do not fuck with him. 

LeBron James Works Out in Akron Gym Next to Ordinary Moms

Oh, just a typical weekday morning at an Akron gym. Middle-aged women as far as the eye can see and – wait a minute here

BroBible’s 4-Week Summer Workout Plan

Having lifted for a few years now, it pains me to look back and remember all the lifts I did with terrible form, all the