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25 Reasons That Sitting Down All Day (AKA Having an Office Job) Is Killing You

In summation: We're all fucked.

The 9 Dumbest Questions You Can Ask In a Restaurant

When you work in a restaurant, particularly one in midtown full of lawyers, finance people and marketing professionals - people who seemingly make the world

Why You Should Save Your Hangovers For Weekdays

Think about it.

11 Most Outrageous Ways Employees Have Wasted Time At Work, According to Recent Survey

Fact: people waste a lot of time at work.

Bro Went to Work While on Cocaine, LSD And Ketamine, Videotaped It

I've always said that if you're going to be wrapping presents in an elf suit all day for charity, you might as well be doing lots

21 More Power Moves You Can Pull At Your Entry-Level Job

#12: When a coworker approaches your desk, grab the mic on your earbuds, give them the “hold on one sec” hand signal and pretend like you’re

The Costanza: The Under Your Desk Nap Everyone Should Take

I have Costanza’d many times. All my instances of Costanza’ing happened at the same job — a marketing gig for a big time bankruptcy law

What You Tell Your Boss vs. What You Actually Mean

The relationship you have with your boss can be an interesting one. Depending on how close you two are, and the level of professionalism that’s

The 8 Unspoken Rules Of Drinking After College

I’ve come to believe that typical drinking behavior assumes at least three distinct stages throughout a certain kind of American’s life,

The Very Best of the ‘Office Thoughts’ Meme

You know what sucks? Working. But, as a productive memeber of society, you grin and bear it, slaving away your daylight hours as a cubicle

‘The Scientific Power of Naps’ Is Your Excuse to Get Out of Work Tomorrow Afternoon

Let's talk about naps, man. Naps are awesome. We can all agree on that, right? Unforunately, sometimes things like "work" or "class" get in the