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Don’t Worry. You Aren’t Going To Get Fired From Your Job

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It's surprisingly easy to not get fired in Corporate America.

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The 8 People That Make Up Every Office in America


No matter what industry you work in or how high up you are on the corporate ladder, your colleagues most likely fall into one of the following 8 types of people.


This Is What It’s Like To Fake Your Way Through Work Every Day


Do you enjoy doing absolutely nothing for 8 hours a day and then getting paid for it.

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Here’s What Everyone REALLY Does When They Use The Office Bathroom


You know that some weirdass shit goes on in your office's bathroom (probably because you've done some weirdass shit in there yourself), but now thanks to a survey of nearly 14,000 workers in 13 countries done by a Swedish hygiene company we actually KNOW what goes on in there.


10 Things You Can Do For Money That Don’t Involve Actual Work


Chasing that paper would be an overstatement—any forward momentum was exhausted years ago.


Guy Goes To Microwave His Lunch, But What He ACTUALLY Cooked Made Everyone In His Office Puke

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Have you ever been so out of it that Arnold Schwarzenegger riding a dinosaur in a fairy princess costume could walk up to you and offer you a cup of coffee and you wouldn’t even blink.


Swiss Parliament Worker Investigated For ‘Gone Wild’ Photos During Office Hours


A secretary in the Swiss Parliament is in deep turd after posting half-naked selfies photos taken at her desk to her Twitter account.

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