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VIDEO: Guy Stands In Front Of Oncoming Trains For His Job, Hopefully Makes Bank


There's a lot of things I'm willing to do for money and very few that I'm not.


How To Handle Being Unemployed


Do you know how to be unemployed.


These Albany Transportation Workers Forced A Male Coworker To Teabag Them As Part Of A Hazing Ritual (w/Photo)


Well,  you certainly don't see grown men forcibly shove their nuts in a coworker's mouth everyday.

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One Chinese Company Is Offering To Pay Out People’s Year-End Bonus In The Form Of Sex With This Porn Star

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The Chinese New Year is only two short weeks away and that means BONUS TIME, BABAAAY.

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Don’t Worry. You Aren’t Going To Get Fired From Your Job

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It's surprisingly easy to not get fired in Corporate America.

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The 8 People That Make Up Every Office in America


No matter what industry you work in or how high up you are on the corporate ladder, your colleagues most likely fall into one of the following 8 types of people.


This Is What It’s Like To Fake Your Way Through Work Every Day


Do you enjoy doing absolutely nothing for 8 hours a day and then getting paid for it.

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