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This Bro’s Pre-Work Pep Talk Describes What It’s Like To Have A Job And Not Dick Around At College

So true it hurts.

A Dude Spent an Hour on Gchat Today Describing the Plot of ‘Stick It’


10 Ways You Can Become a Better Employee

11. Don't bang your co-workers.

The Pros and Cons of Using Your Work Laptop for Porn

Pro: You like porn.

How to Be a Cubicle Monkey Without Wanting to Kill Yourself on a Daily Basis

The cube world is just like ‘Nam, sort of.

A Guide to Business Speak for Recent Grads

Business. Live it. Learn it. Love it.

Problems Only Procrastinators Understand

"Today is the day I get that thing done" -- No you won't. 

This Chinese Man’s Business Card is Better Than Yours, We Guarantee It

Chen Guangbiao is one of the richest men in China. That doesn't mean he can rest on his wealth or merely let people he meets

Girl Quits Her Dead-End Job with Amazing Interpretive Dance to Kanye West’s ‘Gone’


8 Summer Jobs That Don’t Suck

With many of you young bros about to head off into the semi-working world, we thought it'd be educational to revisit

What You Tell Your Boss vs. What You Actually Mean

The relationship you have with your boss can be an interesting one. Depending on how close you two are, and the level of professionalism that’s

How to Avoid Those Useless Work Meetings Once and for All

It’s a bland, heavy-sighing Thursday morning in the office. This isn’t a weekday in college, nor is this a drought-riddled country

10 Things You Should Never Do at a Job Interview

After graduation, Jesus gives you three weeks when you're allowed to lie around the house decompressing from your four-year bender. That's

Office Space: What You Should and Shouldn’t Reveal About Yourself to Your Coworkers

Every bro who is entering the professional work world for the first time can relate to the dilemma of what you

3 Weird Things That I Had to Do as an Intern for a Multi-Millionaire

The idea of being an assistant to a millionaire has been romanticized for years. Movies portraying the job as nothing more than following around some

How to Look Busy At Work, Without Actually Being Productive

Working blows, Bros. Most people who live the 9-5 cubicle lifestyle know this. What they also know is eighty percent of their day is spent

Guy Gets Caught Watching Porn at Work Thanks to Company Across the Street and Twitter

This cat must think he works at BroBible where at least twice a week a conversation begins with "have you seen that porn with..." and

10 Ways to Make It Through the Work Day With A Hangover

We’ve all been there: The dreaded hangover. That’s not the worst part...it’s a Wednesday and you have to head into work. No pot smoking, Chinese

Employee Writes the Most ‘Half Baked’ Inspired Exit Email Ever

Leaving a job that you hate is one of life's more gratifying experiences. I've been there a few times and in several instances I had

5 Fake Jobs to Have as a Post Grad

Unless you graduated  from Stanford at 16 or you’re the heir to the TempTee Cream Cheese fortune , your post-grad career path will be checkered

How to Casually Drink Like a Boss

Let’s face it: Casual drinking is the equivalent to a cheeseburger without cheese -- there is no point in partaking in such an activity if

Guy Sets Up Webcam to Catch Fruit-Stealing Janitor, Shames Her

Apparently this cubicle warrior wasn’t happy with the cleaning lady stealing fruit off his desk. Instead of making a sign that simply said “stop stealing

The Letter You Don’t Want to Get When Applying for a Job

Trying to find a job has become an increasingly difficult voyage into an abyss of online databases and form letters. Often times, the status of

The Gentlemen’s Rant: Work

The gentleman nailed this one. From the cake parties for EVERYONE's stupid birthday to the acquired skill of watching YouTube videos; they cover

10 Ways to Get Through This Boring Work Week

You know the feeling: it's the Tuesday after Christmas, New Year's is still three days away, and you're one of five people who are in

The Top 10 Excuses to Get Out of Work or Class

In my professional and collegiate careers I have used just about every scenario -- injuries, unexpected illness, tragic death, untimely bouts of liquid shit --