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Is Farting in the Workplace Acceptable? — The Results of This Survey Might Surprise You

In the real world people pretend to act like adults. They wear drab clothes, eat salad, and schedule their sex lives.

Rationalizing Staying Home Versus Braving the Snow and Going to Work

Your alarm goes off, white-hot fury courses through your body as you aimlessly and violently slap anything and everyone within arm’s reach, like you’re Mel

Girl Quits Her Accounting Job with the Most Obnoxious ‘I’m Out’ E-mail to Her Co-Workers Ever

Over the years, we've posted our fair share of amusing e-mails from people who have decided to quit their jobs. Usually it's pretty funny when peopl go

21 More Power Moves You Can Pull At Your Entry Level Job

4. Try to show a coworker something on a firewalled website and then say, “Well, it worked on my computer.”

Inside The Mind Of A Hungover Worker

Friday 12:17 AM, 0.17 BAC: Shit. I’ve already had way too much to drink. I’m at a crossroads. I can call it a night now, try

Hate Your Job? Outsource It to China So You Can Be Paid to Watch YouTube Videos, Like This Guy

Your first reaction to this story might be to be angry at "Bob" for his laziness, his apathy, and his general un-American attitude toward work