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VIDEO: What Are Pitbull’s 5 Favorite Things About Miami? The Trim, the Trim, the Trim, the Trim and the Trim

Pitbull likes sex.

Woman’s Boyfriend Jailed, So She Steals Four Dollars Worth of Wine to Be With Him

Just some hot Charles Shaw.

27 Very Dumb Things Men Suspect About Women

Men, it's time for you to shut up about the friendzone once and for all.

The 10 Phrases Women Say To Men And What They ACTUALLY Mean, As Translated By A Girl

It's allllll about the subtext.

The Drunk Guy Who Impersonated TSA Agents So He Could Grope Women Is Either An Evil Genius Or A Total Pervert

I can't decide.

9 Female Pop Singers and the Power Animals That Represent Them

Because things and stuff.

7 Things Ladies With Resting Bitch Face Want You To Know

They *SWEAR* they're not mad at you...

This Tampon Commercial Will Hit You Right In The Feels

But not in the Sarah McLachlan crying animal sort of way.

Watch This Blonde Smoke In A Swimsuit Teach You How To Shotgun A Beer

Girl + swimsuit + beer = win

ESPN Cameras Miraculously Capture Hot Greece Fan Jumping Up and Down for No Reason

Defying the odds.

Tips For Getting Your Liquor-Sipping Girlfriend Into Beer

So you don't have to buy two things at the grocery store.

Awesome New Study Says Lots of Women Are Bisexual


25 Most Influential Women in Sports

Never reckon with the power of Erin Andrew... Everyone wants to be "the next Erin Andrews."

9 Types of Women Men Secretly Fantasize About

When people hear the words “Male Fantasy” they think school girls, maids, and for some god forsaken reason bees.

Why Women Are Crazy: A Men’s Guide, By a Woman

We’re a generation of “back-burners”, backup plans, and booty calls– as it appears millennial men have an irrational fear of getting “wifed-up.”

Scumbag Girl Costs Dad $80,000 By Bragging About Private Settlement on Facebook

Talk about oversharing.

This 23-Year-Old Woman Rocks a Full Beard Like a Boss

If you have something snarky or dickish to say, just leave, because this woman is the kind of person we […]

Fox News Wants Women to Stay in the Kitchen On Super Bowl Sunday

Women no allow in man cave. Man cave for men. Say men on man cave name. 

The 7 Things You Should Never Say To Women

Bros, don't be boneheads and saying these douchey things to women. If you think it's going to piss her off, seriously... just.... DON'T SAY IT. 

Ranking the Best Types of Nipples a Girl Can Have

You know that moment when you take a girl's shirt off? And her bra is still on but you're trying to be all sexy with foreplay

Woman of the Year Stabs Husband For Not Buying Beer

A South Carolina woman is accused of stabbing her husband after he returned home from the store without beer. 

Is This The Worst Knockout In a High School Girls Basketball Game Ever?

That's admittedly a small sample size. Maybe this the knockout game? Bully for her if it is. No one expects the game to go down

VIDEO: What If Women Liked Football More Than Men?

This has me cracking up. 

10 Things I’d Tell Myself About Women If I Had A Time Machine

Hey, you! With the pimples! Look familiar? Sure, there are a few extra pounds around the midsection, now that we can legally purchase beer. There are

The World’s Worst Women To Watch Football With

"I'm putting Housewives on because stuff actually happens in that show!" Elite Daily just dropped a video that almost every guy can relate to.  And on a related note... Why

Science Finds Women Don’t Orgasm in Hookup Culture Because They Have Feelings and Men Are Dicks

Breaking stuff from The New York Times today: College-aged women aren't getting off. 

9 Dealbreakers for Guys When It Comes to Women

Ladies, beware the backhair trail.... 

A Babe Gives 7 Easy Tips for Guys to Stop Looking So Disgusting

Personal grooming is only personal to a point because the rest of humanity are the ones who have to look at you. We’re all works

What It’s Like to Be a Girl at the Gym

Ohhhhh. So this is what it's like when you're actually wearing the yoga pants?! It all makes so much sense now...

You Won’t Believe These Weird Facts About Women

FACT: Women's farts are smellier, SAYS SCIENCE.... Just think about that for a little bit, Bros. 

10 Things We Will Never Understand About Women

Women — see, I’ve written one word and I’m already afraid for my penis’s future — are homo sapiens, yet sometimes their behaviors and decisions

5 Things Men Will Never Understand About Consoling a Woman

One of the weirdest, most awkward parts of a relationship is knowing how to react when the other reaches their limit and shoots a geyser

Bro-setta Stone: More Female Translations for the Everyday Bro

A few weeks ago, I provided some common female-to-male translations, which I dubbed Bro-setta Stone. Based upon the mixture of both positive

Women Drinking at Higher Rate Than Men

We hear a pretty sizable amount of hand-wringing warnings about the perpetually drunken state of our nation's young men. But new evidence suggest it might

Women Brawl at Social Services Office Because Why Not?

When you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing left to lose. Might as well let it all hang out.

Woman Steals Train, Immediately Slams It Into Three-Story Building

A woman in Sweden yesterday stole a commuter train from a station near Stockholm, drove it for three minutes, and then crashed it into a

Here’s a Behind-the-Scenes Video of Paulina Gretzky’s Flare Photo Shoot

She is so prolific. A five-tool talent if we’ve ever seen one. Flare is definitely not wrong when they identify her as an “entertainer.”

Temple News Writer Pens Epic Op-Ed on Periods

John Corrigan’s final column for The Temple News will go down in history – and not in a good way. Titled “Time of the month

7 Annoying Ways Dudes Have It Easier Than Chicks: A Rebuttal

Editor's Note: Yesterday Krum posted his weekly column on 5 Annoying Ways Chicks Have It Easier Than Dudes. Alexandra Suazo posted a rebuttal of the piece on

Very Cool ‘Reality TV Experiment’ Shows How Men Are Unable to Cry, and How Women Can So Easily

F*ck emotions, dawg.