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House In New Hampshire Explodes On Live TV


48 Situations That Escalated Way Too Quickly

Woah... 747 missed texts from an ex-girlfriend? Bro.... Move to another state or something...

B.A.S.E. Jumpers Jump Off New York City’s Freedom Tower and It’s Pretty Much the Most Insane Thing Ever

BASE jumpers filmed a video of an INSANE jump off New York City's iconic new skyscraper, the Freedom Tower.

Bro Does a Handstand On the Edge of a 40-Story Building And I Want to Puke Now

This sweatpants-rockin' parkour and freerunning Bro has balls of steel. Warning: Your palms will sweat watching this.

Bro Takes Selfie Minutes After His Plane Crashes Into the Ocean Off Hawaii

Well, this just might be the most insane selfie ever taken. In this Internet currator's eyes, It's right up there with the space walk selfie and the pregnant

Bro Goes to the Bar, Ends Up Finding His Voice Doppelgänger

No matter the shape or size, there's probably someone out there in the gene pool who looks pretty similar to you. But sounds exactly like you? The

The Future Is Here: In Five Years, Amazon.com Will Be Delivering Stuff to Your Door via UAV Drones

Woah. On Sunday night before Cyber Monday mayhem, 60 Minutes blew the world's collective minds with a report by Charlie Rose about Amazon.com. Most of the interview

This Unbelievable Mountain Bike Backflip Is The Biggest In History

"Go big or go home" - Every person trying to do a flip on a mountain bike ever. 

Watch a Louisiana Sinkhole Casually Engulf Several Large Trees in Just a Few Seconds

UMMM. Is the earth trying to tell us something? 

Stephen Curry (22 Points in 6 Minutes and 30 Seconds) Looked Like He Was Playing NBA Jam Last Night

He scored some points. And then he scored some. And some more.