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Bro Has an Awesome Reaction After Waking Up from Surgery Next to His Hot Wife

This dude is the man. Coming out of hernia surgery and still quite loopy, he has quite a visceral reaction to his smokin' hot wife's smokin'

This Video of a 30-Year-Old Wife Crying Like a Baby Is Reason Enough to Never Get Married

All she wanted was a day on the lake, James. Yeah... Never getting married. 

This husband has things to do on Saturday, like get his tires

Husband Sends Letter About His Cheating Wife and Her Lover to Entire Neighborhood

I can't handle how calm this guy is. I would LOSE MY SHIT. He took her back and then the slut cheated again. How this

This Is a Cruel Way to Scare Your Wife While She’s Asleep in the Car

I don't want to give away what happens, but this is just a cruel prank to pull on the highway. But it's impossible to not