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Kid Wakes Up From Surgery And Doesn’t Know How Old He Is, Has Priceless Reaction

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The ONLY rule when crafting a good headline is this: do NOT put the punchline in the title.

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Kid Who Has Has Never Used The N-Word Ends That Streak Immediately After Getting His Wisdom Teeth Removed


We've seen several post-wisdom teeth removal videos over the years (where's Beyonce.

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Girl Still High On Wisdom Teeth Drugs Is Devastated That She Didn’t Wake Up With Nicki Minaj’s Ass


Alcohol can't hold a candle to the truth extraction capabilities of wisdom teeth drugs and the like.

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Drugged Up Guy Has Complete Meltdown When Beyonce Doesn’t Show Up After Having Wisdom Teeth Removed


After the infamous "David After Dentist" video went completely bonkers on the internet in 2009, racking up over 126,000,000 views, others have tried to recreate their own viral sensation of recording a loved one after oral surgery talking all kinds of gibberish.

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Girl gets wisdom teeth pulled, talks about penis, banging Ryan Gosling


And this is why you should NEVER, EVER let someone record you when getting your wisdom teeth pulled.

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Girl Gets Her Wisdom Teeth Removed, Has Drug-Induced Emotional Breakdown


I know this might come across as an unconventional solution, but the only thing that can cheer up the saddest girl in the history of sad girls might be more drugs.

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