Watch This Dog Shovel Snow. Stop. Realize How Fucking Stupid Cats Are.

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The upper-half of North America is covered in leftover snow from polar vortex after vortex, and cats don't seem to be doing a ding-dangity-dong thing about it.

game of thrones

Holy Crap: Gillette Stadium In Foxboro Looks Like The Wall From ‘Game Of Thrones’


Boston's winter is even more brutal that New York City's winter, so I can't imagine how much that must suck right now.


Bro Rides His Snowmobile Across River Rapids To Prove Once And For All That Snow Is Stupid And Unnecessary


Today I learned that you do not need snow to have fun on a snowmobile, all you need is a rushing river and some ingenuity.

stupid idiots

If You’re A Stupid Idiot Who Wants To Wreck Their Car While Driving On Ice Then Do EXACTLY What These People Do


The one time I wrecked my car it was because I was dumb enough to drive in the snow and skid into a rock at the edge of my driveway.


Buffalo Bro Awesomely Explains Why Major Snowstorms Are The Most Bro Natural Disaster


Earlier this morning I posted some crazy pics of the "wall" of snow coming off Lake Erie and SLAMMING the city of Buffalo.

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