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Polar Vortex 5 Is Here to Say ‘Fuck Your Spring’

It’s really, really, really, really, really never going to end, is it? Winter. It’s going to last forever. Though the […]

Oh Fuck. We Might Be In Store For Another Death Storm This Week

Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Check Out This Amazing Luge Built in a Minnesota Backyard

When life gives you five feet of snow, you make lemonade. Some guys in Cologne, Minnesota did winter right this […]

Roger Goddell and His Big Balls Will Be Sitting Outside at the Super Bowl

Roger Goodell wanted a cold weather Super Bowl, and now that it's finally here, Roger Goodell and his gigantic testicles will be sitting outside at

A Lot of People Made Snow Penises Today, Naturally We Rounded Up Most of Them For You

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but these snow dicks are delightful... Today marked the first real sign of snow we've seen in the North East.

How to Drink Like a MAN This Winter

It would be like a Hanukkah sans menorah, a Christmas without Santa, or a Kwanzaa with no Black Santa. (I assume.) Frankly, a hard winter without

10 Things Men Should Never Wear in the Fall/Winter

Some men can dress themselves just fine. Other men, well, they need some GD help and Back9Network babe Jenn Bosworth is here to tell you

In ‘The People vs. Winter’ Fail Compilation, People Are Bigger Pushovers Than the Charlotte Bobcats

Not the side you want to be on. 

Bored? Watch the Best WINS of the Winter

On about 90% of these stunts, it looks like you're about to see some sort of catastrophic death—and then they totally redeem themselves. Consider this

Top 10 Movies to See Over Christmas Break

If you caught yesterday's hilarious video of Samuel L. Jackson and Anne Hathaway doing a "sad off" about their upcoming Christmas Day movies, "Django Unchained"