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Need Cash Fast? Trick Your Friends with ‘10 Bets You Will Always Win’

Volume 6 of the popular series. Time to #lifehack your way into a shit ton of free drinks. 

ENTER TO WIN Every Item Made by High-End Clothing Company Krass & Co.

There's only ONE DAY left in our amazing Krass & Co. giveaway. Krass & Co. is a preppy apparel company known for its athletic shorts

Bored? Watch the Best WINS of the Winter

On about 90% of these stunts, it looks like you're about to see some sort of catastrophic death—and then they totally redeem themselves. Consider this

It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This Epic ‘People Are Awesome 2012-2013’ Win Compilation

A little inspiration to end the year. 

The Ultimate Slip ‘N Slide Win ‘N Fail Compilation

With summer in the rearview mirror, let's take a look back at the best and worst slip'n slide videos to hit the Internet. Without further

Bored? Check Out August’s Gigantic Win/Fail Compilation

This video is long. Thirty, beautiful minutes, in fact. And it's stuffed with enough wins and fails to get you through another Monday.

Bored? Watch the ‘Win/Luck Compilation of 2011’

Just a seven-and-a-half minute compilation of people winning at life in 2011 to bust your "Please-help-me-I'm-bored-as-hell-at-home-and-its-not-New-Years-Eve-yet" blues.

Bored? Pass the Time With The August-September ‘Win’ Complilation

We know how much you guys enjoy the FAIL compilations we post around here, so let's go another direction for a second. Here's