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BASE Jumping Dog Is the World’s Coolest Pet


Watch Joby Ogwyn, the Man Who Will Jump off Mount Everest in a Wingsuit, Talk about the Men Who Inspired Him

He may be insane, but he's also inspirational.

Wingsuit Flyer With Balls of Steel Fly Past Rio de Janerio’s Christ the Redeemer Statue

Rio de Janerio’s Christ the Redeemer statue is one of the most iconic monuments in the Western Hemisphere. Perched high above the […]

Today in Badass Wingsuit Videos: Wingsuiter Skims Ground at Insane Speed

We Bros here are unabashed fans of wingsuit videos. 

HOLY HELL: Dude in a Wingsuit Flies Through Incredibly Small Gap

Not long now till one of these people GoPro's their own death. But I love this Bro's post-gap, "I didn't die this time" celebration. And

Insane Man Jumps Off Mountain, Lands Safely in Lake

One day, Raphael Dumont lost his mind. Because one day he said "Fuck it. I'm gonna jump off a mountain without a parachute. And I'mma

Alexander Polli Went Through a Slalom Course Flying 10ft Off the Ground at 155mph In a Wingsuit

According to the description on Youtube, no one has ever successfully hit a target while flying in a wingsuit. Until now. We're just surprised the