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Wingsuit Flyer With Balls of Steel Fly Past Rio de Janerio’s Christ the Redeemer Statue

Rio de Janerio’s Christ the Redeemer statue is one of the most iconic monuments in the Western Hemisphere. Perched high above the […]

Urban Wingsuit Flying Might Be the Most Batsh*t Thing Ever

We've posted our fair share of incredible wingsuit flying videos, but this one from South America is ridiculous. Daredevils Ludovic Woerth and Jokke Sommer didn't

Check Out This Incredible Reel of Wingsuit Athlete Jokke Sommer

Jokke Sommer is a wingsuit flyer who has put up some incredible reels over the past few years. His collection of 2012 feats are just

Time to Add Wingsuit Racing to Your Bucket List (Video)

Another masterpiece by my favorite YouTube autuer, Devin Graham. For his latest bucket list video, Graham jumped out of a plane with a wingsuit, hitting speeds

This Is What It Looks Like When a Wingsuit Base Jumper Crashes Into the Side of a Mountain

Here's the complete flip side of that "Experience Freedom" video I posted earlier. It's a reminder of just how dangerous wingsuit BASE jumping

‘Experience Freedom’ Is the Most Stunning Skydive, Base Jumping and Wingsuit Video You’ll See Today

Sometimes we get an urge to do something radical like go skydiving or BASE jumping. Last week Infinity List dropped this inspirational supercut of extreme

Watch A Superb Wingsuit Basejumping Trailer

The guys at Phoenix Fly V4 wingsuits have another stellar video out. The description alone is rather self-explanatory: "Leaving a trail of smoke,

Wing-Suit Basejumping Videos Continue to Make Us Want to Jump Off Cliffs in Squirrel Suits

We love a good wingsuit basejumping video just as much as the next guy. Over in Europe, the end of the summer is peak season

Watch This Guy Jump Off That Cliff and Go Wingsuit Base Jumping

Summer in Europe means it's time for insane adrenaline junkies to grab their squirrel suits and go jump off a cliff to practice

The ‘Art of Extreme Sports’ Video Compilation is a Must-Watch for Adrenaline Junkies

If you love skiing, snowboarding, BASE jumping, mountain biking, wingsuit flying, or any radical recreational activity that generally involves being crazy enough to jump off

VIDEO: This is What a Wingsuit Base Jumper Fly-Over Looks Like

As regular readers will recall, last week I brought your attention to some new footage of wingsuit basejumpers doing their thing in the Europe. Here's

Insane Video of Wingsuit Basejumping in Europe

Back in January the folks at Phoenix-Fly dropped an incredible video of wingsuit basejumpers doing their thing in the European Alps. If you're not familiar