Can You REALLY Taste The Difference Between Cheap Versus Expensive Wine?


My personal favorite brand of wine is Franzia and I prefer it served on the rocks.

weird news

Waitress Tricked A Customer Into Buying A $3,750 Bottle Of Wine And The Guy Is Pissed


A New Jersey man is angry as hell at a waitress from Bobby Flay Steak at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City.


Map Porn: Family Tree Of Every Wine Grape In The World, How They Relate, And Where They’re From


I'm a sucker for a good map and/or infographic, and this one that just came through my inbox is straight up oenophilia porn.

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10 Completely Wacked Out Ways to Open a Bottle of Wine


Not only does this video show you 10 completely unorthodox ways to open a bottle of wine (such as with a blowtorch.

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