Xbox 360

‘Resident Evil: Revelations’ headed to Xbox, PS3, Wii U, and PC


What was once a 3DS exclusive is coming to help get rid that nasty taste out of your mouth, the one caused by Resident Evil 6.


Nintendo just unveiled a bunch of new stuff


The house that Mario built just held another one of their Nintendo Directs, where they update their rabid fan base as to what's cooking.

wii u kid

First there was the Nintendo 64 Kid, and now there’s the Wii U Kid


Behold a child totally losing it because he got a brand new Nintendo console for Christmas, updated for the year 2012.

Wii U movie

A horror film, shot entirely with the Wii U


It's called the The Blair Wii U Project and is in some ways superior to the real thing.

Wii U review

This is how the Japanese are reacting to the Wii U


Nintendo's newest console finally came out in its homeland and the Japanese are reacting in the only manner that they know how: with pure wackiness.

Wii U gamepad

Time to learn how much the Wii U’s GamePad works


Today's video game lesson is again about Nintendo hardware, but this time we're going to dive deep into the technical end of things, to figure out how the Wii U's GamePad works.

wii u

The history of Nintendo hardware in a stylish, animated highlight reel


The Wii U just came out in Europe, so to celebrate, someone decided to serve up a look back at the history of Nintendo's hardware in the form of a rather nifty animated package.

Wii U microwave

That guy who microwaves electronics got a Wii U


If you've spent any part of your day trying to track down an increasingly difficult to get (at least for a reasonable price) Wii U, why not take a break by watching some guy totally destroy one.

wii u

Nintendo releases its sexiest hardware yet, and it’s for Canada only?


Well, no longer do Canucks have free healthcare as their sole reason for living in the Great White North.

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